New Equuleus Cloth
The helmet has a structure of a head of a horse, on both sides are protections in its object mode are located in the rear of the helmet as horse hair , has two similar pads to the Pegasus Cloth in version 1 in the classic anime , like chest which has a protection on the left side of the chest, arms has a complete protection to the elbows , similar to the protection of the feet, in both protections are structured whose center a sort of gem , thighs has a "simple" protection, waist has two side guards , a central protection , and a rear guard with the "tail " of the horse located in the back . The user uses bandages on his forearms , and style Seiya Final Cloth Shiryu using her in the saga of Hades.

As for resistance , worn by Subaru reaches endure such heavy attacks as Gallia and Hyperion . Subaru New Cloth suffers no apparent cracks or damage in these clashes . It is only when Subaru release the true power of god Saturn from the inside of subaru body is not subaru Cloth supports both concentrated power and breaks into pieces.

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