The Ennetsu Saint (炎熱聖闘士(えんねつセイント), Ennetsu Seinto) or Saint of the Flame, is a warrior under Gigas command, accompanying the latter to Japan in a last attempt to recover the hull of the Gold Cloth of Sagittarius. He is an anime-only character.

Although he is called a Saint, he is not part of the 88 Saints placed under a protective constellation. So, it can be inferred that he is ranked among the Sanctuary's Soldiers, albeit as a very powerful one, being able to master his Cosmo to a high level. Some fans say that he is the "Fornax Saint" due to his fire powers, although this was never officially stated.


The Ennetsu Saint is not recognized by their class, is a character raised in the same way that the Phoenix, hatred and violence. Terribly sadistic and cruel, given the pleasure of torturing Shun with its flames. Like most fighters sanctuary this time, ignore if the patriarch is a fake and believe that means continuing to obey the will of Athena although in the case, though faithful to Gigas this warrior is not a priori a bad guy.

Ennetsu is a character who only appears in the anime and not part of the 88 saints placed under a protective constellation, a warrior for hire, their only association with the Shrine Ennetsu known, it is with Gigas, the auxiliary of the Grand Patriarch their relationship is apparently unique among the antagonists of the series, which professes loyalty to Gigas,Ennetsu is like a son to his father. From one point of view demonstrates the depth level of confusion and falsehood that Saga's attitude was in the sanctuary during his reign. Join Gigas Japan in a last attempt to recover the hull of the Gold Cloth of Sagittarius .


His armor looks very similar to those worn by soldiers of the Sanctuary, personalized power of the saint, is orange-red and presents simple flame-shaped ornaments, was not associated with any constellation. The breastplate is similar to the first cloth of Pegasus. Is noth known much about it (just shows up and dies in one episode), is only known that he was trained in the Sanctuary by Gigas when he came to Athens (a flashback shows him climbing a hole in the bottom in Rome sprouting flames, and other suitors to cloth).

Techniques and abilities

  • Fire Screw (ファイヤースクリュー, Faiyā Sukuryū): Ennetsu Saint helmet shines of a light violet light, then he sends one or more horizontal whirlwinds of fire with their fists in order to burn the opponent. The frontal attack is but the flames are still surrounding the victim, although the flow is stopped at the first impact.


The Ennetsu Saint can also throw jets of flame without using his technique. It is difficult to judge its speed because it does not belong to the order of Saints equipped with a protective constellation, but it is possible to assume that its velocity is between Mach 1 (with Shun comes to fight) and Mach 2 (it is assumed that the minimum speed a "Silver Saint") and this character appears before the actual introduction of the Silver Saints in the battle and no mention at high speed.