Warcry Enceladus (喊声のエンケラドス, Kansei no Enkeradosu) is a Giant who seek to liberate Typhon, and it ends up as a temporary host to the god. It seems to be the leader of the first group of Giants Saint Seiya Gigantomachia.


Ancient Times

Evoking this unusual conflict between the Saints to the Giants, the text recalls that according to Greek mythology, Enceladus was the last remaining Giant and he was defeated by Athena. However it is unclear whether this event actually happened.

18th century, 10 years before the holy war

Enceladus is enclosed in Etna and tries to break free. So far it seems to have been contained in the volcano for many years by multiple robots created by the famous inventor Daedalus. But now that all the guards are defeated and his wounds healed, he hopes to return to the surface.

Taurus Rasgado and PLC Cor Tauri cross the road Giant wanting to deal with the seal Typhon now locked. They are challenged by the power of their opponent and Cor Tauri must ultimately sacrifice to secure the Giant with the Ichor of Zeus contained in his heart, while Rasgado loads attacking. Enceladus is defeated by the Gold Saint's Titan's Nova.

18th century, six years after the holy war

lthough his body is still sealed, Enceladus manages to create a new envelope with the physical remains of automata and Ichor of Zeus. Taurus Teneo  comes face and manages to destroy the ancient heart of Cor Tauri, dashing the ambitions of the Giant.

20th century

Some time after the defeat of the usurper Gemini Saga, the Giants are back again and confront the Saints . One of their first act is to remove the Bronze Saint Sextans Yulij to use as bait.

A Taormina in Sicily, Enceladus and peers welcome Pegasus Seiya, Andromeda Shun and Mei . He causes and keeps at bay with his powerful voice , before returning to the sanctuary of the Giants located in the depths of Etna.

This is being questioned and torture shortly after Yulij . Finally found by his pursuers (which joined Cygnus Hyoga), it is once again able to hold their head , both with his voice than his environment (Phlegra extending the field acts negatively on the health and Saints Cosmos) .

It was then that Mei is found possessed by Typhon. The young man's body is too small to contain the power of the god , it asks Enceladus give him his. It grants the request of his brother and sacrifices .


  • Gigan Loud : Enceladus generates a powerful shock wave through his voice. This technique is able to simultaneously push Taurus Rasgado and PLC in the heart of Ichor Cor Tauri.
  • Ichor Loud : Enceladus is developing this technique similar to Gigan Loud after an interim body formed from remnants of automata and heart Cor Tauri. Giant and operates Ichor of Zeus on the body.