Electron Teru (琥珀ノ獣(エーレクトロンのテール), Ērekutoron no Tēru) One of Kronos's three guardian planets that usually take the form of his three long locks of hair. Possessing a gigantic Cosmo, he is one of the strongest Giants.


Kronos frees one of his three stars to governing, has the mission of protecting the king of the Titans. Aiolia prepares to fight him, but Virgo Shaka stops him, urging her to save her strength to protect Cronus as it promised Ebony Hyperion. Shaka faces aloneElektron Teru who attacks with his Dunamis Odous, a powerful technique that Khan can not resist at all.

It should be noted that Shaka gave him an important part of his cosmo to Aioria, so I was weak in the fight, which takes Electron Teru to attack with his power, but under deadly attack Shaka can finally reach enlightenment, opens his eyes which increases their power to make the art Treasure of Heaven on destroying giant.

Power and abilitiesEdit

Dunamis Odous (Dunamis Fang) (神力牙(デュナミス オデュース), Dyunamisu Odyūsu): Dunamis coming out of the mouth of the beast, consuming impact on the target.

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