Edward Specter 2 is one of the 108 Specter of the army of Hades , god of Hell . It is a unique character of Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas , the story is narrated in the Holy War against Hades Athena has passed the mid-eighteenth century.


The fruits of MokurenjiEdit

This specter appears with Edward and three other spectra in Jamir, in Tibet, following orders Pandora to capture the Athena Saint who have infiltrated into the Underworld and stolen the fruit of the tree Mukorenji . Apparently, Edward is the leader of the group, which enjoined to make haste in murdering the Saints and the other inhabitants of Jamir. Leading the race to Jamir, Edward is shocked to see that the narrow bridge that have started crossing is much longer and more intricate than initially thought and stops running, bewildered. To his surprise, the bridge appears in the middle of Virgo Asmita , one of the most powerful Saints of Athena , who finished with five spectra without any effort, through its technical Kofuku Tenma.

Receiving an attack by a Gold Saints , falling several meters deep and be impaled on the jagged rocks below the cliff mean certain death for this spectrum and other spectra, but they have the protection of Hades, who permits the resurrection of his army continued to be the ruler of the Underworld. A more spectrum, Ceshire , arrives on orders of Pandora and scoffs of Edward and others, and reminds them of their mission, easy to meet for some spectra of Hades will never die. Now led by Cheshire, the Wraith attack the tower Jamir, resisting their attacks through the barrier arranged around it, causing Edward and the others have to go in and slaughter everyone present. This is the moment when some meteors begin to leave the tower in all directions, impacting against the Wraith. Cheshire fun confirms the rumors are true: Pegasus Tenma has returned to life, and also saw an improved version of the Cloth by the blood of Asmita.

This spectrum and four spectra rise again after death a second time, to the astonishment of Tenma. The fight is expected more complicated than at first seemed to be, and come to the aid of her friends Tenma Unicorn Yato and Jamir warrior Crane Yuzuriha . However, the time they check over to the Wraith, and that was all a ruse in which Tenma has tried to distract her enemies while ago Asmita raise their cosmos beyond the seventh sense to create a Rosary Mala of 108 accounts Mokurenji fruit tree, and so they seal in the souls of the spectra, preventing new resurrections. Cheshire understands that something is wrong, and tells Edward to hurry and go directly to the tower. However, it is too late for the spectra of Hades: Asmita has achieved its goal, and just before he died with Edward and the four spectra accompanying him through his attacks and Tenbu Tenkūhaja Chimimōryō Horin. Because of the sacrifice of the Holy of Virgo, the army of Hades has suffered a major defeat and sealing their souls.

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