The solar Titan Ebony Hyperion (Japanese: 漆黒のヒュペリオン, Shikkoku no Hyuperion; Greek: Ὑπερίων, Hyperion, the High-One) was the first Titan to be released from Tartarus by Pontos.


He is very kind, calm and generous to his brothers and followers. He shows a very different face, however, when fighting an opponent or when cultivating his hatred for Zeus and other enemy gods. Like his brother and close friend Dark Lightning Koios, he is trying not just to free Kronos from Zeus's seal, but also all of the humans who followed the Titans in ancient times. He is also the husband of the Titaness Theia, and, in classical myth, the father of Helios, Selene and Eos.


Invasion of the SanctuaryEdit

Titan is the first to make a shrine attacks against Drepanon Megas in search of Kronos . Riding in a carriage pulled by huge black steeds reaches the place, by not allowing the guards step it begins its attack with the Tornado Vortex Ebony Dark Sanctuary covers with darkness. In the rubble caused by the destruction seen a woman trapped and son pleading for help to find fences Hyperion interprets as a desperate cry pray to God so he decides to offer salvation telling the child that the woman was dead and before fall into despair the painless killing him, then appears Aioria protecting the child from the attack, which is complimented by Hyperion to see that could repel the power of a god.

After the arrival of Leo Aiolia with lithos which cares for the child who had been rescued Aiolia before Hyperion mocks word god warned him that if he were a god to know that one does not seek death despair if not hope Hyperion is upset about this saying that this language may not be allowed in front of a god by refusing to repent. Both face but the power of Hyperion shows a clear superiority over Aioria which warns him that his power does not compare to that of a god armor eventhough it seems to be of divine origin protecting their attacks without breaking the to come without any strategy with a body hurt and without his helmet against him is only a shame but this does not change the result humans are doomed to lose against the gods, Hyperion attacks with Vortex Ebony Aioria which traps inside until it disintegrated.

Elsewhere Hyperion's followers are hidden with invisibility cloaks to attack by surprise the Sanctuary but are intercepted by Camus which defeat without problems. Hyperion feels his presence gone,as he prepares to finish off Aioria Lithos then stands in front the Ebony Vortex where Aioria trapped, Hyperion prepares to finish them but now Aioria escapes using his Lightning Plasma, but this strikes Hyperion eventhough attack power this does not cause any scratch, continues his attack Aioria now with more determination but to try to destroy the Titan armor is waste arm from the impact while the armor is just a scratch Hyperion, Hyperion he tells the story of his Somas weapons which are granted by Uranus Gaia to fight these Working for both attack and in defense, he decides attacking with Evony Seeing this Aioria prepares to dodge but realizes she is behind Lithos, so he decides to face it after the shock of the attacks has been missing Aioria to believe that he had beaten his opponent Hiperyon to where it is observed only to realize Lithos Cloth of Leo that he was protecting them, but realizes that the armor pieces missing at that time appears Aioria from hitting him back as he attacks again with your Lightning Bolt, Hyperion realizes that his armor has been damaged to see this decide to withdraw giving it another chance to deal with it at another time.

That's bad omenEdit

Hyperion returns to the palace of the Titans, which shows the sorry state of Kronos stripped of his body and his armor condemned to eternal agony by Zeus, Hyperion makes a promise he will release Cronos and destroy the world he created with the lives of Zeus, Pontos then appears asking for your report on Leo Aiolia that the bad omen, Hyperion tells him about the huge potential of the Gold Saints who guard the shrine to which Pontos replied that not only are the Saints Gold also are other potential warriors since eliminated that sent soldiers, hearing this question Hyperion but confidence in the Pontos says no strategy is distrust if any action can change the course of the war, asks Hyperion that failure to realize where you are going at that time Aioria which Pontos replied that knows exactly what happens.

After the match against Iapetos Mu, the latter is apologizing for his lack Kronos before he is willing to give his life to pay their mistake then aparese Hyperion to testify in his favor but this is frowned upon by Iapetos which is aware that it was his mistake and is willing to pay for it, Hyperion replied that they are now only two to try Kronos release from prison more troops need to hear this invokes Cronos Giants so Hyperion is surprised that have power to Invoke

Rise of the TitansEdit

Hyperion Question Pontos on the seal that holds the rest of the Titans, while questioning its power despite being one of the primordial gods not managed to break it, they talk about the war that are loosing discover the gods but it needs waking up the rest of the Titans, he questions whether Pontos not trust him but will have to wait until the Giants break the seal will give enough time after seeing the defeat of two of them against the Gold Saints, he realizes underestimate the enemy so he decides to rush things Hyperion telling you have to trust him, awakening Hyperion presence of his friend the Titan Coeus. While fighting against Aiolia, Hyperion appears before Pontos who was watching the fight, this tells Aioria was about to die, something that bothers Hyperion because it is the key to the revival of Kronos, when he says Pontos who had received Aioria repeatedly attacks his opponent, Hyperion realizes it was a trap, just after he had just messed Coeus after receiving Photom Burts, Hyperion appears to remove his friend from the battlefield.

The Kingdom of Cronos ResurgeEdit

When awake Coeus realizes that his wounds had healed, Hyperion says it is thanks to Soma bearing which accelerates regeneration, Coeus is told not only that but also thanks to the divine blood Ichor of the gods, someone had given their blood to which replied that it was the least could do. Iapetos appears reproach, that just had to help with the ritual Pontos to free his brothers, at the time they realize they were all called to the place where his brothers are sealed, Pontos appears to make you aware of what happened so asked to give thanks, Hyperion answer will thank you when you see the rest released, Pontos with a smile on his face says he can thank the ruins begin boosting the power of the Twelve Titans begins to rebuild the place for surprise of all present. Hyperion presence awakening of his teammates when the bells begin to play, enters the Labyrinth of Cronos, all the Titans begin to talk about the release of his lord Cronos, and this time they plan to defeat the Olympian gods which the sealed therefore time in Tartarus.

Entrance to the Labyrinth of KronosEdit

In the Kronos Labyrinth , Hyperion observed as all soldiers who follow the Titans prepare for combat, while watching this scene begins to berate the justice which is said to impart Zeus banished to the land if any without light. Hyperion said that the name of the people who followed will achieve freedom, under the name of King Cronos which recover the true form of heaven and earth clearing all the filth of the world.

When Aiolia entering the maze Kronos, Hyperion is the recipient and attacks him with the sword Gurthang, but let it pass. After the sacrifice of Coeus, Hyperion discovers that Mnemosyne has sealed the memories of the Titans and the faces for release, she released the reports from Hyperion and Pontos arrives to remind you after Titanomachy after he became Apophis and was destroyed by Sagittarius Aiolos ten years ago, but was regenerated by Pontos. Pontos invites Aiolia to join Hyperion plans but refuses and decides to continue defending Cronos, so attacks the gold saints.


  • Skilled warrior and swordsman, through divine Cosmo has super speed, super strength, enhanceddurability, telepathy, telekinesis, energy blasts, forcefields, levitation/flight, higher senses to track people and events over long distances and through dimensions, dimensional travel, wind and fire manipulation. Through Dunamis has matter and energy manipulation at the atomic level, soul manipulation and reality warping. Through Dunamis and Ichor (divine blood) has regeneration (low-godly) and immortality. Can heal and empower other beings through his Ichor and Dunamis
  • Weaknesses:Lightning attacks powerful enough to blast through his armor and maim his body are more dangerous to him than attacks of a different nature (sealed form)
  • Destructive Capacity: Able to make destruction in Galaxy and Universe level.
  • Range:Multi-star system god level with two seals; multi-galaxy god level with one seal (exception when in private universe which is universal)
  • Speed:Massively Faster than light
  • Durability: Galaxy level god with Soma, would resist absolute zero.
  • Striking Strength:Can dent and cut a Gold Cloth in his sealed form.
  • Stamina:Inexhaustible
  • Standard Equipment: Greatsword Soma armor for attack and defense (whose sword was stated to hit harder than the blade of Kreios by the Gold Saint who experienced both of them) with its own Cosmo signature that shares/aids the Titan's regeneration, Planete Temple that acts as a manifestation of his power and can be manipulated and rebuilt at will by him
  • Intelligence: Years of experience fighting wars against other Gods, despite being under two seals he almost instantly comprehended and countered the signature technique of a Gold Saint


Under two seals, using Cosmo:

  • Ebony Vortex (漆黒旋風(エボニーボルテクス), Ebonī Borutekusu):A black whirlwind with multiple sudden pressure changes inside that traps the enemy inside then the whirls slashes the enemy’s body, it will not stop until the victim's body is torn apart and the blood boils and evaporates. It required millions of charged lightspeed or above attacks to be broken through.

Under one seal, after summoning his sword:

  • Gurthang Vortex (死剣旋風(グアサングボルテクス), Guasangu Borutekusu): A stronger version of the Ebony Vortex, surrounds his sword with a black whirlwind circling around it and a high pressure is created at the end of the sword, then points it at his enemy to strike with it and All matter around is revolved and destroyed in a violent whirl of pressure.

Under one seal, after manifesting Dunamis and using his Temple and sword:

  • - Dark Sun: Hyperion created a star containing his Cosmo and manipulated by him, then a different universe beyond Tartarus shortly after in which to fight his enemies with it. Hyperion can absorb energy from his dark sun to increase his attack power.
  • Helios Vortex (太陽旋風(ヘリオスボルテクス), Heriosu Borutekusu): Hyperion summons an enormous storm of solar wind at extreme heat, able to incinerate everything within its path. It’s an extremely hot air current, traveling at 700 kilometers per second. In essence its air current with electrically charged particles capable of destroying solid mass upon contact.
  • Helios Prominence (太陽紅炎(ヘリオスプロミネンス), Heriosu Purominensu): Hyperion creates many fire snakes from his Sun to attack his enemies. If destroyed, the generated magma waves/flames carrying his Cosmo will keep attacking his enemy and are very hard to freeze and prompted Virgo Shaka to use the Kân barrier (when he had dealt with normal Earth lava extremely casually before) despite Hyperion not going all out
  • Lemniscate of flames: After casually destroying his Sun he created an infinity symbol made of divine flames on his back to reach his most powerful state. This symbol can be made to disappear and reappear and it can sparkle, generating a curtain of light that create after images in the eyes of his enemy, adding to his speed.
  • Prominence Blade (紅炎大剣(プロミネンスブレイド), Purominensu Bureido): Coats his sword with divine flames to deal very powerful strikes, which can cut attacks like the Lightning Bolt of Aiolia and the Melas Helix of Pontos
  • Ouroboros Prominence (無限紅炎(ウロボロスプロミネンス), Uroborosu Purominensu): Hyperion's best technique, it turns his infinity symbol into the Ouroboros Ophis fire snake controlled by his Dunamis. It gives infinite flames to his Cosmo, allowing him to attack with powered punches able of not only fully stopping Aiolia's Photon Burst-amped Lightning Bolt punch (the impact of said attacks being felt back in Earth) but carbonize and obliterate his entire arm and the Gold Cloth section protecting it (the damage being diminished only by opposing Cosmo/Dunamis power), deflect attacks as a fire barrier, attack with waves of fire (the Ouroboros Ophis could also be materialized and breathe fire) and even match the power of the Keraunos of Aiolia so both attacks were deflected. It also gives infinite permanent regeneration to his Ichor (as the Ouroboros Ophis represents death and rebirth), allowing him to shrug off being pierced by the Photon Burst-amped Lightning Bolt. However this last temporarily prevented him from using the technique for attacking as it was fully diverted to regeneration of the blasted area (considering sealed Titans normally wouldn't overcome such damage), having to resort to hand-to-hand combat (Still very lethal).

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