Durandal Roland (デュランダルローランド, Dyurandaru Rōrando)in the past he was a hero described in the histories of France and Italy, was a gentleman in the service of King Charlemagne and revered as one of the most powerful knights, Roland carrying the holy sword, Durandal, emerges again in an unknown century as a Gladiator.

History Edit

In the Past Edit

In the past Roland, was the nephew and one of the gentlemen at the king, Charlemagne, Roland was venerated as one of the most powerful men

Roland, the bearer of the Holy Sword, Durandal Edit

In Kyoto near Kyo-o-Gokoku-ji Temple, Lancelot comes to speak with a mysterious man (Roland), he asks if he has already faced Lancelot bearer of the sacred sword Excalibur, to which responds that if that traveled to Tokyo, and noticed that the swordsman who has the sword (Shura) has great talent and is a worthy holder of the sacred sword. Roland replied that if he knew the name of Shura, though Lancelot says he believes really is King Arthur, although Roland says that the name you use does not matter if it is a good opponent to cross swords one enemy that can kill without guilt, gladiators like him, looking forward to be the best among all, and for this we must kill in this war of the Holy Swords

This surprises which believes Lancelot gladiators crossed swords there, although he says Roland no need to hurry and will wait until the time comes, Roland begins to leave the place while claiming he finished with all the gladiators they are masters of the sacred sword, Lancelot mentioned him very confident about yourself, but your King comes to face him, then Roland mentions that give the first blow against him, as he explains to Lancelot (although it is indifferent, because for him it is Arturo) what is the meaning of "Shura" a name given to a violent deities living in the world of wrestling name, and this man is probably true to its name

In the Kiyomizu-dera, Shura is walking beside Kokuto, after a little chat with Kokuto, this reminds Shura mission looking gladiators, at that time a man (Roland) is about to offer his help as a guide and noting that it is an alien like him, then begins to narrate the history of Kiyomizu-dera indicating that it is a sacred land as the Sanctuary, then asks Shura man that if he is a gladiator, to which the man replies that if, Shura congratulates him and he could not notice any trace of cosmos, but no matter which also hide your cosmos its presence as a fighter will never disappear after killing many people. Shura asks you this, the man gives some clues that lead him to conclude that it was the sacred sword Durandal, then activates his sword with Sword Activate command Curse placing his armor, posing as Roland, gladiator He is carrying the sacred sword Durandal, indicating it is time to start with Swords Holy War!

Holy Sword vs Holy Sword Edit

Roland begins his attack, using his movement Gladiator Sword Drawn with which destroys all around, to the surprise of Shura to see the power of the Holy Sword, answered that it was a simple greeting and anger following coup seriously, in that moment Roland asks Shura that stands on guard, he explains what his reasons for this fight, a fight without ideals and without justice where Roland only prove who is the strongest, hearing these words Shura can not understand why only seek to be the strongest may be your only goal, to which Roland says no need to look for a reason to be the strongest, then Roland use Holy Sword Embodiment movement with which realizes a series of swords formed by cosmos with them Shura attacks but manages to avoid them by jumping from the place, to Shariden of Rokuon-ji, Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion), in that place Shura realizes his opponent is fighting with all strength, so he decides to wear the armor of Capricorn to begin the real fight, when he saw his opponent decides to stand again Shura (as this would be a match where risk their lives) now as the Capricorn Saint

The ongoing struggle in Rokuonji "Kinkakuji" Roland reused Embodiment his Holy Sword, which combined with their motion Holy Sword Tower to attack your opponent, then use your Excalibur Shura with which manages to overcome the power both techniques while Roland is surprised to see the power of Excalibur, and decides to use all his strength (to see that Shura had shown much power) as a swordsman Loco, what he calls his true form, that of a madman with Crimson body stained with blood, the cosmos Roland begins amplified at high speed, taking control of the area where he was which was permeated by madness, seeing the change that he suffered Shura start thinking that I had never known a so enemy, wondering if it is really a human being. The strength of Roland in his state of madness, begins to cause problems for Shura, which manages to avoid much effort the true power of the indestructible sword Durandal, seeing that his opponent He had avoided all attacks Roland congratulates, indicating that it is the first that has managed to dodge his sword, to which Shura replies that it has not circumvented, since it is impossible to follow the trajectory of black swords, but using speed light manages to be faster than their intercepting with his Excalibur swords, even when he sees her overcome technical Roland remains confident

Roland is happy, seeing that Shura decided to fight with all its strength to understand that kind of man he is, and it's time to end the fighting and there is only one outcome to this duel which is death. Roland attacks with his Holy Sword Embodiment, having seen the attack before, Shura achieved counter, and prepares to end his opponent with his Excalibur, but before he can reach his attack is blocked, surprising Shura wondering how Roland can counteract his attack if he can not move at a speed comparable to yours, seeing their movements shows that his opponent expected trajectory of his attacks, using this ability Shura Roland manages to hit on the head, then Roland use Holy Sword Tower after the attack prepares to retire to believe that had killed his adversary, but now stands Shura standing once again to the surprise of Roland. Shura hurt attempts to continue the fight, following the teachings and Miyamoto Musashi deducting as precognition overcome his opponent, put all his strength into single attack, seeing this Roland attacks him with Holy Sword Embodiment, Shura manages to elude the attack and using his cosmos to the maximum speed can overcome the initial expansion of the universe, breaking the principle of chance of light, making two cuts on his Excalibur in one motion, something that can not anticipate Roland

After Roland attack is wounded, he cuts half of its hull, watching Shura has been dropped; to feel the extent of his injuries and seeing that Durandal had been damaged, he praises his opponent, before finishing with his Holy Sword Embodiment, but just then Aiolia comes to stop their attack, seeing that it was one Saint tells him that he is only interested in fighting the bearers of sacred swords, but is forced to fight to defend, to hear these words he tells Aiolia protect Shura swear to finish, but will not fight, and Roland is injured, to hear Roland tells that then the result of that bout will be unfinished, but before he left he would give him a message to his opponent, that "he is extremely grateful for this magnificent battle which was boiled my blood "

Gold Wings Edit

After the battle between Shiryū and Sigurd, Roland reappears next to Alice, both Sigurd reproach him to be one of the bearers of the Holy Swords and should take care that we already should know what the carrier replied that Gram already knew and did not need two of them saying so, then the bearer of Gram question of "dance" to which the carrier Durandal says no to call so casually and proceeds to remind their agreement that it needed a permit to use the "dance of power" after this Roland would simply watch and listen to the conversation that Sigurd and a mysterious man who had come before them remain,

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