Dubhe God Robe
The Dubhe Alpha Robe is one of the God Robes, worn by Siegfried.


This Robe is a representation of the mythic dragon Fafnir. Fafnir had originally been a dwarf prince, but the god Loki, accompanied by the gods Odin and Hoenir, had accidentally killed Fafnir's brother, who had shapeshifted into an otter. Fafnir's father captured all three gods and demanded a blood-ransom, asking for the hide of his dead son to be covered in gold. Loki was sent to gather the ransom, and bullied it from the dwarf Andvari. In retaliation, Andvari put a curse on a golden ring that was part of the treasure, cursing anyone who owned the ring to die. Loki handed over the ransom and the gods returned to Asgard. However, the curse of Andvari's ring took effect and Fafnir, incited to jealous greed, killed his father and stole the treasure, hiding it in a cave and transforming himself into a dragon to guard it day and night. Over time, his hide became encrusted with jewels due to sitting on the treasure for years. He was eventually slain by the hero Sigurd, who hid in a ditch and stabbed his sword into Fafnir's still-tender underbelly as the dragon passed over him. 

In Wagner's opera, Siegfried, based on this myth, Fafnir is instead killed by the eponymous hero, thereby connecting this particular warrior mythologically to his Robe.

Dubhe is the alpha star of the constellation Ursa Major. .


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