Non-existent in Kurumada's original manga, Heavenly Rise Star, Dryad Luco (天立星 ドリュアス ルコ Tenryūsei Doryuasu Ruko?) is a Specter that has only appeared in the limited The Lost Canvas CD Drama.

Plot (Albafica Gaiden)Edit


Luco revealing his true identity as a specter

Specter of the Heavenly Rise Star. Little is known of him, aside from the fact that he was defeated by Pisces Albafica at a time before the meeting of the 12 Gold Saints. He is the younger brother of Albafica's master, Pisces Lugonis.

His first goal was to find a way to cure his brother Pisces Lugonis poisonous blood but lost all hope in his studies after his brother's death until he found a disciple, Pefko, who later became deadly ill.

With Luco unable to find a cure and falling in despair he, by accident, called upon Thanatos, who offered him the cure for Pefko's illness in return of becoming a specter and using the Dryad Surplice's power to create soldiers for Hades with every patient.

Luco ultimately dies from Albafica's Crimson Thorns Attack.



The white lily attack

Curse of Lily: 

With white lilies, he could cure and/or sedate the target,as he was able to make Albafica faint as soons as he got into his white lily garden. This powerful technique was able to counteract Albafica's poisonous blood, and , as the Dryads specter has the power to control plants, including Pisces Albafica Piranha rose, Luco attacked the saint with his own technique. 



  • In Greek Mythology, a dryad was a type of nymph (a beautiful female nature spirit) who inhabited trees. Dryads were connected very closely to the tree they lived in; if the tree was harmed or if it died, the dryad would die with it.
  • Luco's ability to use plants and lily flowers coincides with his Dryad title, due to dryads being able to control plant life.
  • Luco's ability to cure all illness reflects the story of the nymph Oenone, the first wife of the prince Paris of Troy. Oenone had the power to cure all wounds and diseases, and, near the end of the Trojan War, was called to Troy to save Paris, who was dying. However, because Paris had abandoned her years earlier for Helen, the wife of King Menelaus, Oenone refused to go, which caused Paris's death. She later regretted her decision and committed suicide. The parallel is carried over in Luco's continued attempt to save his brother, Lugonis, from the poisonous blood inherited by every Pisces Gold Saint.

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