Dragon Shiryu(ドラゴン紫龍 Dorago No Shiryu) father and the previous Dragon Bronze Saint, who fought alongside Pegasus Seiya to protect Athena and Earth in the holy wars of the 20th century, regarded as a hero and legendary Saint in the era of Omega.


First War againts Mars

150px-Shiryuu guerre contre Mars

First war against Mars, wearing his Final Dragon Cloth

After a period of peace, Mars showed up and attacked Athena . Shiryu protected the latter along with his companions Seiya , Hyoga , Shun and Ikki . In addition to the God of War, the Saints had to fight Mars's bodyguard, the Four Heavenly Kings, with Shiryu facing Bacchus . Just when Mars seemed to be on the verge of losing, a meteorite crashed into Earth, releasing a strange power that changed the appearance of Cloths and housed them in Clostones , giving the Saints and Martians the ability to wield the 7 elements.

Second War againts Mars

Hostilities ended after this event, but a second war followed quickly: Mars attacked Saori (aka Athena) directly in her Sanctuary and released his Darkness on
Dragon Clostone Shiryu
it: Shiryu and his companions intervened and shielded her with their bodies, causing each to  receive a wound of Darkness. The result of these wounds was a fatal penalty for the afflicted Saint if they burned their Cosmo: doing so caused the wound(s) to spread further across the Saint's body. If the Saint burns their cosmo too much, the Darkness wound kills them. Shiryu was particularly affected since he lost the use of his five senses. 

In Anticipation Third Holy War

200px-Shiryuu ryuuhou entrainement

Shiryu takes his son

The threat of Mars (temporarily) removed, Shiryu returns to the Five Peaks . Despite his immense handicap, he focuses on two tasks in the thirteen years after: train his own son, Ryuho, as the new Dragon Saint on the one hand and on the other, guard the Libra Gold Cloth, hidden behind the large waterfall Rozan. Although it is not active (due to Shiryu's condition), Shiryu is still  considered the Gold Saint of Libra during this period.

Third War againts Mars (Omega Era)

200px-Shiryuu kougatachi

Kōga and his companions meet for the first time Shiryu.

When Ryuho returns to Rozan in order to destroy the Water Ruins, he was soon joined by his friends Kōga, Yuna, Somua, Haruto and Aria, who meet for the first time the former Dragon Saint (Shiryu). Shiryu ends up sending them the Libra Cloth so they can access the Ruins, hidden behind the waterfall Rozan. While Ryuho and Aria destroy the Water Ruins Genbu appears and takes possession of the Libra Cloth. When Genbu deploys a Cosmos threatening the Bronze Saints , Shiryu remotely protects his son and his companions. The Legendary Saint has in fact not a very flattering rememberance of the last disciple of his late master and thinks it's really the next Mars. Genbu then chooses to withdraw.

The wakening Of Son

In the new battle of the Twelve Houses, Libra Shiryu remotely follows the struggle of his son against Gemini Paradox using his enhanced Seventh Sense

New War

At the end of the Third Holy War , Shiryu is healed from his wounds of Darkness and recovers the use of his five senses. Nevertheless, his reunion with his son just celebrated, he puts Ryuho through intense training, as to dispel doubts and prepare Ryuho for the inevitable next threat. Shiryu refuses to resume Dragon Clostone, saying it now belongs to Ryuho. After the confrontation with the Pallisite 3rd Class, Shiryu appears to congratulate his victorious son and attends his new start.

Pallas Belda

At the end of  Omega episode 68, Shiryū appears with Andromeda Shun (Omega) and Cygnus Hyōga (Omega) in front of Pallas Belda

Pallas Velda Time Gate

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