Dragon New Cloth is Shiryu cloth



Mu, in the Sanctuary, used his blood to repair the armor in time to Shiryu use it in battle against the God Warriors of Asgard. Keep the resistance that had in the Battle of the Twelve Houses and gain the ability to become a golden armor when his rider reaches the Seventh Sense.

Hades OvaEdit

When Aries Shion revived, another stranded form bronze armor, using the blood of Athena, the Armor Dragon got this new form.


Vers 1Edit

Dragon Cloth Omega

Dragon Cloth (Omega)

When the dragon cloth no longer clothstone changes considerably in their design and protection and that like the Pegasus cloth, each piece is independent.The headband is more detailed (in a less caricatured form), the pads are now larger. The right arm has a dragon head (similar to Shiryu's new cloth in the Hades Arc) while the left arm has the shield only this is different from previous versions (and this polygonal), the center block changes, becoming more detailed although the neck style is the same, the belt is separated from the central block (although this covers less than others, the style of the legs is almost identical to the previous one, the only changes are the knees because instead of gems rectangular become bigger diamonds.

Vers 2Edit

When the armor shows signs of Omega, the armor gets a tail in his left arm as a whip and leaves the coat, allowing Ryuho to whip or trap the enemy.

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