Vers 1Edit

Dragon Ryūhō
In this version the Frame has several changes in the way of protection and color, because that's a new material that they are made of Cloth makes them more resistant. Version 1 has a a simpler design than before, now has a headband that stand dragon head that also covers the cheeks and ears, the pads are attached to the neck that has the style of a shirt, the protector of arms is simpler and closer to the body by binding with the only adornment a rectangular gems on the elbows, the shield has a simpler design (up to version 2), the central block is attached to the skirt and has a rectangular jewel equal to having shoulder.
Dragon ClothStone

Dragon Cloth Stone

Vers 2Edit

Ryouhou Shin Cloth
The Cloth remains the same as version 1, the only change is made in the cloth is the Dragon Shield who changes shape to a similar version of the classic series structure.

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