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The Bronze Cloth of Dragon is legendary for the large shield on its left arm guard. Its reputation is unmatched by any other Cloths among Athena's Saints, and only very few have ever shattered it. The Dragon Cloth itself is noted for its ultimate durability, as it spent the last 200 years bathed under the mineral-rich waterfall of the Rozan mountains, which made it harder than diamonds. This is the origin of its nickname "The strongest Fist and Shield".

Seiya manages to destroy the Shield by tricking Shiryu into hitting his own shield. Shiryu's Cloth has suffered various damages throughout the series, and, of course, required repairing. With each revision its shape gained a new form. In the anime, along with the same repairs from the manga, the Cloth went through three different designs.

Due to having reformed from using a Gold Saint's blood, the third version of the Dragon Cloth (second in the anime) can suddenly become gold with power whenever Shiryu uses his Cosmo to the maximum. At that point, Shiryu has awoken his 7th sense, and is as powerful as a Gold Saint momentarily. However, in the battle with Chrysaor Krishna, Krishna comments that, even with the golden Dragon Cloth, Shiryu's power level is still that of a Bronze Saint, and continues to overpower Shiryu with his attacks.

The Dragon Cloth represents the constellation Draco, which is associated to Ladon, the hundred eyed dragon who guarded the golden apples of the Hesperides, in Greek mythology.


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