Dimension Iapetos (次元のイアペトス, Jigen no Iapetosu)(Greek: Ἰαπετός, Iapetos) was the second Titan to be released from Tartarus. He is a Titan with the ability to manipulate dimensional space.


Mythological EraEdit

Iapetus is the son of Uranus and Gaia, and the husband of his sister Themis. He is the father of the Titans Atlas (titan), Prometheus, Epimetheus, and the lesser known Menoetius. He is one of the Titans who helped Kronos defeat Uranus. The Titans fought with their king and brother during the Titanomachy, but were defeated and imprisoned in Tartarus for challenging Zeus.

He was forced to helplessly witness Zeus punished his two sons: Atlas was sentenced by him to hold up the sky for all eternity, while Prometheus, who stole fire from Olympus to give to mankind (and from there developed all man's technology) was punished by being chained to a mountain where an eagle constantly devoured his liver, an eternal torment for the immortal Prometheus.

War against Gold SaintsEdit

Iapetos was the second Titan awakened at the prompting of Pontos, appearing in Jamir to kill Aiolia, Mu and Taurus Aldebaran ( G ) who were there to repair the Leo Cloth. Mu decided to fight alone against him; at first, the Gold Saint seemed to have advantage against the Titan, who invoked a Hecatonchires to fight for him. Iapetos also succeeds in demolishing the Crystal Wall and attacking Mu several times. As he prepared to use his most terrible attack, Kronos intervened and ordered him back, interrupting combat.                                               

Already in Tartarus, after the fight between Current Okeanos and Aquarius Camus ( G ), Iapetus kidnaps Lithos Crysallis, prompting Aiolia to enter the Time Labyrinth to retrieve her. After meeting with Pontos, Iapetus transports Aiolia to the dark side of the universe. There, with his wife Themis, the Titan confronts Aiolia and Virgo Shaka ( G ), who came to help the Leo Saint. The Titan couple are shown to have a great hatred for humans and Zeus, whom they blame for the misfortunes that befell Prometheus. When Iapetus is about to lose, Themis sacrifices herself to empower her husband's Dunamis further, but Aiolia defeats their combined might. Iapetos, acknowledging his inevitable end, tells Shaka and Aiolia to leave quickly, as the whole place is collapsing in on them. Iapetos's body and that of his wife is retrieved by their son Prometheus, who returns with them to Tartarus.


Skilled warrior, through divine Cosmo has super strength, super speed, enhanced durability, telepathy,telekinesis, energy blasts, forcefields, levitation/flight, dimensional travel, higher senses to track people and events over large distances and through dimensions, summoning. Through Dunamis has matter and energy manipulation at the atomic level, soul manipulation and reality warping. Through Dunamis and Ichor (divine blood) has regeneration (low-godly) and immortality. Can heal and empower other beings through his Ichor and Dunamis Weaknesses: Lightning attacks powerful enough to maim his body are more dangerous to him than attacks of a different nature (sealed form), can lose his temper Destructive Capacity: Multi star level+ | Universe level+ Range: Multi star system with two seals; multi galaxy level with one seal (exception when in private universe which is universal) |Universal+/Multi-dimensional Speed: Massively Faster than ligh Durability: Multi star level with Soma, would resist absolute zero | Universe level+

Striking Strength:  Could stab through a Gold Cloth Cloth and cut a Soma | Universe Class Stamina: Inexhaustible Standard Equipment: Xiphos Soma armor for attack and defense with its own Cosmo signature that shares/aids the Titan's regeneration, Planete Temple that acts as a manifestation of his power and can be manipulated and rebuilt by him Intelligence: Years of experience fighting wars against other Gods


Under two seals, using Cosmo:

  • Khora Temnein (空間切断(コーラーテムネイン), Kōrā Temunein; lit. Space Cut): Cuts the fabric of space-time to create an expanding dimension rift,  it can be used as a direct attack by  absorbing enemies into another dimension, to dodge attacks by moving through dimensions or to redirect his other techniques through dimensional portals to make them harder to anticipate. It expands extremely fast and everything in its way is engulfed by it, and completely devastated in the same instant or, at least, locked in another dimension. This attack can be potentialized by opening many dimensional rifts instead of just one, making the expansion speed and range much greater. The technique can be also be used in conjunct with the Hecatonchire.
  • Ekatoncheires Kalein (百手招喚(ヘカトンケイルカレイン), Hekatonkeiru Karein; lit. Hecatonchires Invocation): In this move, Iapetos opens a dimensional portal and summons an Hecatonchire from it. The Hecatonchire completely obeys Iapetos, who seems to control him telepathically in order to erase any vestige of its will. It is unknown how many Hecatonchires Iapetos can control at the same time. It is possible that he has just one of them being controlled. It is also possible that he can dispose of all the three (Briareus, Cottus and Gyges). The Hecatonchires are giant creatures with fifty minor heads on the top of the giant one and two immense arms that can split into a hundred more. Their bodies are very resistant: Iapetos normally uses them in conjunction with the Khora Temnein, ripping their arms to make them reappear in other place. Even after the hundred arms are ripped by Iapetos, they still can be fully controlled in order to attack an enemy and, after that, fuse again with the body of the Hecatonchire.
  • Hekaton Menis: The Hekatonkheir attacks with its 100 arms, which Iapetos can redirect with a space cut to another dimension to attack from many directions, after which they rejoin the Hekatonkheir's body.
  • Hekaton Molybdaina (百弾(ヘカトンモリュブダイナ), Hekaton Moryubudaina; lit. One Hundred Bullets): Another of the Hecatonchire’s attacks. This time, both arms divide into one hundred more and they all attack the enemy with extreme speed and power.

Under one seal, after manifesting Dunamis and using his Temple:

  • Melas Planetes (暗乃惑星(メラスプラネーテス), Merasu Puranētesu; Literally meaning "Black Planet"): A planet was created, with a sentient population of billions devoted to the Titans and capable of powerful Cosmo manipulation. Iapetos then manipulates the planet (being capable of shrinking it) and empowers it by introducing his Cosmo and Dunamis into it and making its beings (who collectively make their Cosmos to burn) feed on the divine power, also synchronizing their wills and power making them react to attacks directed to the Titans and attack whoever the Titans regard as enemies.
  • Hex Aster Xiphos (六星乃刃(ヘクスアステルクシボス); Literally meaning "Sword of Six Stars"): Summons 6 Cyclops and arms them with swords (Iaputes shapes the empowered beings from the Melas Planetes). These are no ordinary Cyclops: in fact they are massive humanoids made of some sort of obsidian-like matter, with no faces and a single glowing galaxy-like eye on their foreheads. The giant swords they wield are also covered with runes. They were powerful and fast enough to react and repel Aiolia's initial assaults
  • Khaos Kyklos: A ring of black Khaos energy (a universal power synthesized from "earth, water, wind, fire, light and darkness") formed around Iapetos, created after destroying the Hex Aster Xiphos giants (thus killing the life of the planet) then absorbing their billions of maximized Cosmos and souls (a power which only a Titan's immortal body could handle) into his body to reach his most powerful state, growing several Soma appendages on his back in the process. Iapetos could also create it by absorbing the body and power of a Titan like Themis, whom he shaped into a sword in his Soma also gaining the use of her techniques. Themis' techniques:
    • Brabeus Blade: A cutting attack powerful enough to cut/deflect Aiolia's regular Lightning Plasma and Lightning Bolt attacks and destroy the Hex Aster Xiphos giants in one hit.
    • Brabeus Talanton: Through Themis' powers as Goddess of Justice, materializes over enemies giant scales that turn sins into massive physical power to crush or stall them.
  • Khaos Blade: Using the black circle created with the Khaos Kyklos technique as a sort of gate, Iapetos can swing his armblades and coat his arm-blades with Khaos, enabling him to execute the Khaos Prosbole technique.
    • Khaos Prosbole. The final step that unleashes all the power of Khaos upon Iapetos' foes, it has the Titan use his arm-blades coated with Khaos to unleash monstrously powerful blows.
       Results are clear, is capable of breaching Shaka's barrier- Khan.

Key: Sealed | 2 Sealed | 1 Sealed | Unsealed


  • In Greek myth, Iapetos's wife was the Oceanid Asia, not his sister Themis (although in Aeschylus's play "Prometheus Bound", Themis is presented as the mother of Prometheus, who is traditionally Iapetos's son). Additionally, Cronus defeated Uranus alone, as the other Titans were too afraid of Uranus's might to attempt to overthrow their father.
  • The reason for the "Dimension" part of the Saint Seiya character's name is unknown, although Iapetos does come from a word meaning "to pierce" or to cut through, similar to how in sci-fi, dimensions can be pierced. 

Gallery Edit

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