Dignity Hill Concept Art

Concept art of the entire structure of Dignity Hill.

Dignity Hill (ディグニティヒル Digunitihiru) is an ancient place of worship inside of Athena's Sanctuary in Athens, Greece.

Overview Edit

Much like Star Hill, Dignity Hill is a secluded and forbidden place in the Sanctuary. Its land is doted by millennial temples and shrines to many gods, all surrounding (much like planets that revolve around the sun) the Corona Temple (コロナ神殿 Korona Shinden), where the fallen sun god Abel went to once he returned to Earth in the 20th Century. From there, the god planned to purge humanity by taking control of Earth and giving it back to the gods. With the end of the battle between the Bronze Saints and Abel, the Corona Temple was destroyed.

Gallery Edit

Appearances Edit

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