The Delphinus Cloth is one of Bronze Cloths.

Constellation and MythologyEdit

The Delphinus Cloth is based on the Delphinus constellation. The constellation takes the form of the dolphin, which Poseidon created as a gift for his wife Amphitrite, to appease her rage over his multiple affairs. The dolphin was placed in the skies as a constellation in memory of the occassion. In another story, dolphins were also associated with the god Apollo; when kidnapped by pirates, Apollo's son Arion requested to play one last song on his lyre, which lured a pod of dolphins to the boy. After ending the song, Arion leapt overboard and was taken safely to shore by the dolphins. Apollo placed their image among the stars as thanks. 


  • In TLC is rank is unknown, but its color suggests that it is a Silver Cloth.


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