Death Watch Tokisada (デスウォッチの時貞 ,Desu Wotchi no tokisada ) Former Gold Saints, Tokisada become a Pallasites Second Class.


As a SaintEdit

Main Article: Aquarius Tokisada

Pallas HenEdit

After being defeated by Haruto, Tokisada wandered the Confines of Time until the god Saturn saved him. He then pledged loyalty to him and joined the rank of the Pallasites, becoming a Pallasite Second Class. His weapon and source of his new powers is the Deathwatch, a crook-like weapon with a watch in the curved edge.

He is sent by Aegaeon to stop Hyoga, Haruto, Eden and Subaru.

He first battles the three new Bronze Saints, showing his overwhelming powers. Though he overwhelmed them, he was injured by a angered Subaru. Tokisada realized the nature of Subaru's power and tried to go for Subaru but he is interrupted and challenged by Hyoga. Despite his new powers, he is eventually defeated by the legendary Cygnus Saint, and sealed within the Freezing Coffin.


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