Tokisada pallasite settei
Death Watch Chronotector is one of the protections or the Pallasites Chrono Tector is one Pallas Cronotector whose purpose is to help Pallasites.


The Chronotector has a similar to the Aquarius Cloth, which emphasizes more on the structures of the shoulder straps, chest and waist, similar to the case for the forearms of Chakram Cronotector although forearms with small ripples design horizontal arms have a projecting guard arm structure even with a simple design, the foot guards are very similar to those found in the Clava Cronotector, designing their feet seems to be simple with just a few details in green on the front of the feet, Elmo has a similar to the wings of a bat structure, shoulder pads has a similar to the  Aquarius Cloth but with a similar structure of a clock format.

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