Deadly Scythe Greip (デスサイスのグレイプ,Desu Saisu no Gureipu) is a pallasite third loaded with his twin brother Cyllene eliminate Bronze Saints  route to Pallas Belda. This character appears in Saint Seiya Ω.


Haruto and SubaruEdit

Greip appeared on the beach where landed Subaru and Haruto after being attacked by Cyllene. Twins Pallasites attack together both Saints and Cyllene manages to hurt his Subaru with Storm Cutter, forcing Wolf Haruto and Subaru to flee.Subsequently, the duo behind a night ambush their opponents, but is trapped by a cunning Haruto, which makes him believe that he decided to abandon Subaru.Wolf Haruto  terrace with its Bite Wolf Gang Plow, forcing Pallasite to flee.

Battle Of Pallas BeldaEdit

During the Battle of Pallas Belda, the twins appear in the underground of the city, blocking access Pegasus Kōga and his companions. to the Castle Pallas . That's when Subaru comes and coating for the first time Equuleus Subaru, defeated quickly (and permanently) duo Pallasites.


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  • Greip is the name of one of Saturn's moons.
  • Greip shares his name with a giantess from Norse Mythology. When the god Thor is tricked by Loki into coming to the kingdom of the giant king Geirrod without his hammer and weaponry, the king's daughters Greip and Gjalp attempt to kill Thor, first by flooding a river as he tries to cross it, and then later trying to crush Thor between a wooden milking stool and the roof of the barn. Luckily, having received a special staff from another giantess, Thor shoved the stool back downwards and succeeded in killing the giant sisters, as they were beneath the stool. Their spines were crushed.
  • Similar to the mythological sisters, Greip and his brother Cyllene serve as antagonists against Athena and her Saints.


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