Deadly Scythe Cyllene (デスサイスのキュレーネ, Desu Saisu no Kyurēne) is a pallasite third loaded with his twin brother Deadly Scythe Greip eliminate Bronze Saints route to Pallas Velda. This character appears in Saint Seiya Ω.


Haruto and SubaruEdit

Cyllène presents himself with his superior Titan to eliminate Bronze Saints on the road to Pallas Velda.It intercepts the targets as they cross a bridge but is stopped by Wolf Haruto, who was watching in the shadow friends. That's when Subaru decided to get involved, unwilling to see Wolf Haruto only reap the laurels. The Pallasite advantage of the confusion to project the Steel Saint in a vacuum. Then he withdrew, preferring to harass his opponents rather than get rid directly. It does not take long to reappear on the beach where landed Subaru and Haruto. His brother Deadly Scythe Greip unfolds in this moment and attacked the twins together the two Saints. Deadly Scythe Cyllene reaches hurt Subaru with its Storm Cutter, forcing subaru to flee.Subsequently, tend Pallasites a night ambush their opponents, but are trapped by a cunning Haruto, which makes them think that he decided to abandon Subaru. This terrace with Steel Bolt Cannon, forcing Cyllene to flee.

Battle Of Pallas BeldaEdit

During the Battle of Pallas Velda, the twins appear in the underground of the city, blocking access Pegasus Kōga and Companion to the Pallas Castle That's when Subaru comes and coating for the first time the Equuleus Subaru, defeated quickly (and permanently) duo Pallasites.


Main article Deadly Scythe


  • Cyllene shares his name with Mount Cyllene, the mythological birthplace of the god Hermes (god of travel, communication and trade, and Athena's half-brother), as well as the mountain nymph who dwells there.
  • Cyllene is the name of one of Jupiter's moons, making this Pallasite and Chakram Europe the only two to be named after a moon of Jupiter.


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