Dark Lightning Koios (Coeus) (Japanese: 黒雷のコイオス, Kokurai no Koiosu; Greek: Κοῖος, Koios, the Questioning One) is the third Titan Pontos released from Tartarus and Phoebe's consort.


Koios is a god of mind calm and great wisdom, perhaps the most intelligent of the Titans and whose ability to "understand everything" by analyzing earned him the title of "Him that everything has discovered / understood".Koios also has a high value of honor in combat, making it among the other gods denote. From simple smile, keeps a great friendship and bond with Hyperion and cares for his wife Phoebe .



He fought against the Olympians in Titanomachy, siding with his brother Kronos. Koios created the Keraunos, the Thunder Bolt, a force that could kill even the gods themselves, but was so powerful and destructive that Koios decided to hide it forever by placing the object within his own memories. However, his sister, the Titaness Mnemosyne, found the Keraunos's hiding place and gave it to Zeus. With such power, the king of the Olympians managed to defeat his father and the other Titans. Along with the others, Koios was sentenced to Tartarus.

Holy War against Gold SaintsEdit

Because of the power naturally emanated by the combined presence of three Titans on Earth, several dead monsters from mythology began to awaken. Virgo Shaka assumed the mission to seal the beasts with his cosmo, but the duration of their concentration is helpless. Taking advantage of the vulnerability of the golden knight at the time would try to stop the influence of the cosmos of gods, Kronos decides to send CEOs who had just been awakened by Pontos . Koios is transferred to India to run a Virgo, but faces Leo Aiolia was protecting his partner. Ceo Leo fights, but the Titan maintains superiority in the fight, however Aioria reveals the Photon Burst (a technique that lets the attacker almost to the point of death, but that does Aioria run thanks to the spirit of his brother, Sagittarius Aiolos). However about to be annihilated Ceo appears Hyperion who saves him and takes him back to the Kronos Lybirinth , where it heals over Ichor.

After Krios has been defeated in the Labyrinth, planet koios asks his wife Phoebe and unites it with yours. The Titan is clearly superior, even disabling the most powerful techniques of Leo, stopped the Lightning Plasma with bare hands and was able to reverse the incredibly Photon Burst before nearly killing him. However Aiolia continues to raise his cosmos and accessing the Sevent Sense , Aiolia destroys Koios Jiden Raisei and absorbs photons with his fist (he calls fang) and launch a more powerful version of Lightning Fang that runs through Koios.

The Titan, who near death recovers memory Aioria explained that I was the power that could destroy the Titans and the Gods, the Keraunos , the powerful beam of Zeus, but it extracted Mnemosyne your memory to betray the Titans and give it to the gods. Is pleased to discover the spirit of humans who exalts to not enjoy eternal life, but to enjoy the most of your short life. Before dying and being absorbed by Gea , decides to give his power to Aioria in defiance to Pontos who had hatched the plan to kill Aiolia with all Titans and thereby awaken Mother Earth, the primordial goddess, but Koios, with its great potential for reasoning, had discovered.

So can see how are holding Aioria Lightning Plasma , his own Ray Ray convinado with Koios Dunamis and Absolute.


  • Skilled warrior, through divine Cosmo and the Big Will possesses super strength, speed, durability, telepathy (including across dimensions), telekinesis, energy blasts, forcefields, levitation/flight, dimensional travel, higher senses to track people over long distances and through dimensions, lightning manipulation and divine claircognizance. Through Dunamis has matter and energy manipulation at the atomic level, soul manipulation and reality warping. Through Dunamis and Ichor (divine blood) has regeneration (low-godly) and immortality. Can heal and empower others beings through his Ichor and Dunamis. Light and gravity manipulation with Melas Planetes allows for complete control over them.
  • Weaknesses: Lightning attacks powerful enough to maim his body are more dangerous to him than attacks of a different nature (two-sealed form)
  • Destructive Capacity: Multi star God level | Universe level+
  • Range: Multi-star system God level with two seals; multi-galaxy God Level with one seal (exception when in private universe which is universal) | Universal+/multi-dimensional
  • Speed: Massively Faster than light (possibly the fastest of the Titans; moves so fast that several Gold Saints including Virgo Shaka thought he was teleporting during his rematch with Leo Aiolia)
  • Durability: Multi star God level with Soma two-seals, would resist absolute zero and Ichor allows for his high level regeneration | Universe God level+
  • Lifting Strength: Unknown exact level; superior to a Gold Saint who could punch scales with cosmic weight | Universe Class
  • Striking Strength: Could easily penetrate and pierce Gold Cloths in his two-sealed state with just his fingertips) | Universe Class God Level
  • Stamina: Inexhaustible more or less only when damaging to divine Ichor, Cosmos, or Dunamis will stamina play into affect for Koios
  • Standard Equipment: Rapier Soma armor for attack and defense with its own Cosmo signature that shares/aids the Titan's regeneration, Planete Temple that acts as a manifestation of his power and can be manipulated and rebuilt at will by him
  • Intelligence: Years of experience fighting wars against other Gods; was capable of realizing an elaborate plot by Pontus to sacrifice the Titans for their Dunamis despite suffering from Mnemosyne's memory seal.


Under two seals, using solely his Cosmo:

  • Ebony Illumination (漆黒光源(エボニーイルミネイション), Shikkoku Kōgen (Ebonī Irumineishon)): creates Coeos black spheres of energy that can be freely controlled by it. They fly directly to their destination, but its path can be changed by the will of heaven. Once they hit their target, they explode, causing injury and swallow the enemy, holding them inside continueing causing damage to the enemy.
  • Black Thunder Acceleration: His black lightning accelerates his attacks and body into speeds impossible to be tracked by the reflexes and senses of Gold Saints, this is also able to stop punches, despite fighting in a dying body powered by an imperfect Cosmo and being slowed down by the pressure of Tartarus when later fighting under one seal
  • Sparkle Rapier (閃光刺突(スパークルレイピア), Senkō Shitotsu (Supākuru Reipia)): An attack that consists of a huge amount of intangible hands made ​​of dark energy. They fly around the enemy making a circular motion, making the attack look like a horizontal cyclone. When the target is near, all hands converge at a single point to pass through the body, like a sword. They directly affect the body, going through all sorts of armor and durability as if they were not there. The causes of damage to the enemy inside are made directly to their internal organs and blood vessels.
  • Ebony Gale (漆黒疾風(エボニーゲイル), Shikkoku Shippū (Ebonī Geiru)): With a strong movement of Coeus's wrist, he condenses the air, creating a severe blow that strikes the enemy as a blade. It can bypass armor and durability, directly injures the body due to the fact that the attack is made of air.

Under one seal, after manifesting Dunamis and using his Temple:

  • Thunder Star Rotation (雷黒自転, Raikoku Jiden - Black Thunder Star): A star of black lightning whose gravitational field controlled by Coeus redirects and absorbs energy attacks. This technique is able to stop the Photon Burst Leo Aoilia in his second fight against him. It also astrally and physically amplify Coeus's Cosmos and Dunamis and on top of that it can drain or interfere the enemy's ability to use his powers effectively.
  • Ebony Rapier (漆黒刺突(エボニーレイピア), Shikkoku Shitotsu (Ebonī Reipia)) : Coeus creates thousands of black lightning fists that rotates in a spiral in ultrafast speeds which makes it's attack movement very difficult to read, even for a Gold Saint, and Coeus can choose the right time to achieve its objective by converging all fists simultaneously in the same place piercing the enemy's body, damaging it (on the inside aswell) and then surrounds it with black lightning to paralyze the body. Protection against this is also very difficult because this technique is developed to be able to penetrate anything thanks to the properties of the clamps (soma Coeus).
  • Ebony Plasma (黒雷放電(エボニープラズマ), Kokurai Hōden (Ebonī Purazuma): Coeus takes control of eletricity and turning them into black lightning to attack the enemy with. This can also stop or cancel out attacks of the enemy, Coeus did this against Leo Aiolia's Lightning Plasma after stopping every single attack in mid-air with his punches.
  • Dark Thunder Planet: Making his Temple and that of Titaness Phoebe crash into each other, Coeus generates a different universe and a planet surrounded by his black lightning which can be summoned into his arms and attack the eneny with, and this technique can also break the enemy's attacks and counter-attack with high accuracy and causing many damage to them.

No seals:

  • Keraunos: The divine thunderbolt of destruction that was seized by Zeus, created by Coeus during the Titanomachy war through his claircognizance. It's an absolute form of lightning that can kill Gods despite divine defenses like regeneration or immortality, or seal their physical body, power and soul, even separately from each other while generating forcefields powerful enough to nullify Gemini Saga's Galaxian Explosion despite centuries of weakening

Key: 2 Sealed | 1 Sealed | Unsealed

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