Daggers Hati (ダガーのハティ, Dagā no Hati) is one of Pallasites Third Class in the service of the goddess Pallas. Hati was given the mission to investigate Haruto and kill him.


Surprise Attack in the ForestEdit

Hati is present in Japan in order to remove Wolf Haruto . In the spying, he witnessed a meeting with his former companion P)egasus Kōga  and Steel Saint Subaru . He learns that Haruto give a live account with his rock band the next day, and decided to kill him on this occasion.

The next day, the plan does not go as planned because Kōga and Subaru on the scene, surprise Pallasites Soldiers accompanying Hati and defeat them quickly. Hati decides to intervene and, thanks to its sensitive hearing, manages to get out of combat opponents.

Haruto intervenes, and after experiencing the same difficulties as his companions managed to counter the hearing of his enemy with his cry of wolf. Kōga sends its Pegasus Ryūsei Ken against the helpless Pallasite. It owes its salvation to the intervention of its peer subordinated, Rhea , who blocks the attack of Saint without the slightest concern. Both Pallasites then withdraw places.

Attack Steel SaintsEdit

Soon after Koga confronts Subaru and on-site training steel saints, Hati destroys with extreme ease steel armor Subaru, and retires to feel the cosmos some steel saints. Back to confront Koga and Subaru soon after and even uses the Time slowed, paralyzing several Saints with Subaru and Erna. Haiti reaches Erna falling nearly killed at the hands of Subaru and asks to use His steel armor to defeat Hati.infuriating Subaru uses Impact Pleiades and defeat Hati.


Hati and Pallasites Soldiers try later to attack the Palestra . The account Pallasite indeed take advantage of the low morale of the Saints after the death of Libra Genbu. He attacked the entrance guarded by Subaru , Ban, Nachi and several Steel Saints , but his offensive runs short with the unexpected arrival of Sagittarius Seiya. The Gold Saint pushes easily Pallasites Soldiers . Then Athena moves in person. Hati , crushed by his Cosmos , resolved to retreat yet again.

Battle Of Pallas BeldaEdit

While Saints Athena have invaded Belda Pallas , Hati just inform Titan the fruits of his research on the locals who escaped Pallasites . As these survivors were seen in the company of the group Kōga , the pallasite wants to load itself Saints . That's when Thebe 's intrudes to ask the same favor . Titan resolve the dispute by ordering his two subordinates to work together . Hati directs a group Pallasites Soldiers responsible for the attack from underground connecting the castle Pallas to the rest of the city. It then falls on Subaru and Celeris , who felt their presence . Hati rushes , convinced he had the advantage , but he quickly molest by Celeris .  So it is in this awkward position , he realizes that Thebe , stationed outside , decided to invoke his Gigantic Asteroid attack indiscriminately affect allies and enemies. Accordingly, Hati prefer retreat with Pallasites Soldiers.

Shortly after , Hati always wanders around, determined to avenge Celeris that ruined his dreams of promotion. Caleris is soon to attend to give effect to end the threat it poses to his people . He is joined by Subaru , so decided to give assistance to settle accounts with the Pallasite . The first part of the fight is not in the favor of the duo , but when Subaru is grounded , Celeris is recovering and deploying all its power, destroys Hati with his Supernova Explosion Maximum.


Hati has a very developed sense of hearing that allows him to feel the blood flow to his opponents and predict their movements


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  • Hati means "Hate" in Norse, and is the name of a giant wolf in Norse Mythology. He was the son of the monstrous wolf Fenrir and grandson of the god Loki. Along with his brother, Skoll, he grew large enough to give chase after the riders of the sun and moon; Hati chases the moon god, Mani, with the intent to eat him. It is said that during the Ragnarok (the Nordic Apocalypse) that Hati will catch up to the Moon and devour him, staining the skies with blood.
  • Hati is the name of one of the moons of Saturn.
  • Hati's hair resembles the coloring of a real-life wolf, in keeping with his Nordic namesake.
  • Alongside the wolf motif, the blade of Hati's throwing daggers are shaped like ninja's kunais, giving him several visual similarities to Wolf Haruto, who also was the main character in Hati's debut episode.


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