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Cygnus Cloth Stone like all other bronze armor, undergoes a transformation during the end of the first war between Athena and Mars, while Athena uses his cosmo to block the meteor of darkness sent to the battlefield by the god Absu. The resonance of cosmo Athena with the meteor causes a change in almost all armor.

Besides the visual changes, the armor gain the power of the elements, extending the power of riders capable of controlling elements. Moreover, they are no longer stored in ancient urns, but in small Cloth Stones. The armor stone swan cloth version is only seen in one flashback to the second battle between Mars and Athena. It closely resembles the V3 version, the most visible difference is greater protection to the arms.

Because the mark of darkness Hyoga acquired in the second battle against Mars, he can not participate in the third battle, stone and cloth version is never seen in action in the present. When Kouga finds Hyoga briefly during this conflict, a silhouette of the old third form of armor is seen on his body when he uses his power.

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