Cyclops Gigant (地暴星 サイクロプスのギガント, Chibōsei Saikuropusu no Giganto) is one of the Specters. Kurumada introduced Giganto in vol.19 of his manga, and placed his power in the Terrestrial Violence Star.

Plot (TLC)Edit

Cyclops Gigant

Cyclops Gigant in TLC

Gigant along with three other Specters were set to roam about around the area, creating rumors of the Specters that would eventually reach Sanctuary in Greece.The Pope Sage sent Libra Dōko (TLC) to "Italy" to investigate this rumor, and while walking in the forest he was suddenly attacked. Gigant and his three followers revealed themselves after the dust from their attacks cleared away. They laughed at their supposed kill but to their surprise he had survived. Dohko said he wanted to ask them a question, but Gigant told him to shut up and that they would get him this time. They charged at him as Dohko equipped his Gold Cloth. Gigant recognised the Cloth as the Gold Saint launched his Rozan Hyakuryu Ha technique. The attack killed Moloch, Executioner and Leech Specters instantly, but Gigant had some life left. He recognized the Saint as Libra Dohko and wondered what a powerful Gold Saint was doing there. Dohko replied that it was to defeat Hades, since the Specters were roaming about meant that Hades had awakened and asked where the the Lord of the Underworld was. Gigant laughed and said that he would never tell and now that the three Specters were defeated their tracks would be covered. The Saint would never know his whereabouts, and when the time comes the would surely, he said as he died of his wounds

The fruits of MokurenjiEdit

Thanks to the powers of Hades, Gigant is revived along with many other spectra after the Gold Saint Pisces Albafica defeat one of the three judges of the underworld, Griffon Minos ( TLC ). From this moment, the destination is unknown Giganto who eventually returns to be defeated and finally dies, being sealed at its heart beads made ​​from 108 fruit tree Mokurenji .

Plot (Hades Arc)Edit

Giganto was sent along with 16 other Specters to Athena's Sanctuary, by the order of Wyvern Rhadamanthys. Their mission was first to keep tabs on the revived Gold Saints Gemini Saga, Capricorn Shura, Aries Shion, Aquarius Camus, Cancer Deathmask and Pisces Aphrodite. If the Saints was not to complete their mission of taking Athena's head, they were to do it themselves. So he led the Spectre's into Athena's Sanctuary, hidden amongst the shadows. It wasn't until Saga, Shura and Camus disappeared that they revealed themselves. Aries Mu was running after the revived Saints, the specters thought he could prove useful.

The Spectre Papillon Myu paralyzed the Saint, and thus Giganto and his Spectre's made an entrance. He asked if the Saint knew where Saga, Shura and Camus had disappeared to, but Mu just mocked the spectres. Giganto tried beating it out of him to no avail, so as he became more furious with the Saint he decided to kill him.

However, he was stopped by Papillon Myu, who wanted to fight the Saint himself. Giganto let him do so and proceeded with the others to the Leo temple.

As the group of Spectre's arrived at the leo temple, they found that Leo Aiolia was already waiting for them. Giganto said that they never trusted those revived Gold Saints from the beginning. He asked yet again if the Gold Saints had passed through the Leo temple, Aiolia scoffed them that he would never let an enemy pass.

He then suggested that they must have teleported, but Aiolia remarked that it was impossible to teleport from one temple to another. Giganto then said that they would follow the revived Gold Saint's until they completed their task. Five of the Spectre's then charged towards the Saint, who unleashed the Lightning Plasma on them, shattering their Surplices and killing them instantly.

The Cyclops Spectre could not believe what he saw, and tried to come up with a strategy. Suddenly Worm Raimi appeared and told them he would deal with Aiolia. The others obeyed and charged towards the temple. Raimi managed to ensnare Aiolia with his Worm Bind technique, and ordered the others to continue and not mess with him and his prey. That way, Giganto and the others proceeded to the Virgo Temple.


Gigant in anime

When they started approaching the Temple of Virgo they could not sense a cosmo in it. The Madness Star Spectre then suggested that they could care less if the Gold Saint wasn't there or not, so they could go through it immediately. But Giganto interrupted him saying that there was an intruder amongst them, the other Spectre's couldn't believe what they heard. Cyclops turned to Dullahan Cube, and asked him to remove his helmet. But as the Spectre was about to do so, they suddenly felt the enormous cosmo of Virgo Shaka revealing itself. There was a Gold Saint in the temple after all, but Shaka immediately said that since they had seen his face the Spectre's now had to die.

Furious with the insult, Giganto and the other specters launched an attack at the Saint. Shaka easily use Kān to protect himself to the amazement of the specters, that looked in awe as Shaka used his Tenkuhaya Chimi Moryo on them. In the previous Temple Myu said that the Specters were not ghosts and were normal people. Now Shaka told the Specters that they and the demons were belonging to the same kind. This was Shaka's mind trap. As the specters were caught in the illusion of the technique, Shaka revealed that 11 specters had already died. Giganto didn't know how that many had died already, but were interrupted when Shaka finished the technique.

To everyone's surprise the technique was stopped by Dullahan Cube, who then charged towards Shaka along with Gorgon Ox and Elf Mills. The three specters were suddenly different, Giganto knew they were not powerful enough to stop the Virgo Saint.

Yet Shaka reflected most of their attacks, stating that he obviously couldn't take the strength of them all three. The specters then realized that those three were the missing revived Gold Saints Saga, Shura and Camus, which was revealed when Shaka obliterated their surplices.

Giganto immediately asked why they were wearing Cube and the other's surplices and accused them of betraying Hades, yet Saga simply unleashed some of his cosmo which paralyzed the spectre. Saga said that they were no match for Shaka and to let them handle him, and threw the spectre away with his cosmo.

After some conversation amongst the Saints, Shaka let Saga, Camus and Shura pass the temple. The specters felt a little joyful and determined Shaka was not worth wasting time with.

By luck, Giganto and the specters passed through previous temples very easily. They thought those would be happened in this Virgo temple as well. They were about to pass Shaka. Shaka asked them that they have forgotten something and where were they going, since he only gave passage to Saga, Shura and Camus. The specters did not know Shaka's another mind trap, got furious and decided to rush and kill Shaka.

Shaka then used his Demon Pacifier and dispatched them easily. As Giganto took his last breath, Shaka asked if he was afraid of dying. The Cyclops spectre remarked that those who swear loyalty to Hades receive eternal life even after death.

Shaka replied by saying that during his conversations with Buddha since his childhood, he had never heard of a man who had received eternal life. Giganto was stunned, had Hades tricked them? He thought as he died. Well, Shaka is able to apply the term 'the same technique cannot be successfully used against a saint twice' into strategy besides morale and actions.

There was no place for Cyclops team any more. They have been detected. If they could still continue to follow the revived Gold Saints and ran behind them, then...

Surplice, Star & NameEdit

  • Cyclops Surplice

Gigant's Surplice represents the mythological creature called Cyclops, and is depicted as a sitting one. The Cyclopses in mythology were originally 3 giant children of Gaia, the Earth, and Ouranos, the Sky, and each Cyclops only had one eye. However, due to their power and lack of beauty, Ouranos imprisoned them in Tartarus (Hades). They were later freed by Zeus, and, to help him in the war against the Titans, the Cyclopses created Zeus's thunderbolt, Poseidon's trident and Hades' Helm of Darkness. The Cyclopses also serve as Hephaestus's aides in crafting items. In later myths, specifically the Odyssey, Cyclopses are depicted as a race of cannibalistic giants with one eye living on an island. One of these, Polyphemus, devours the hero Odysseus's men until Odysseus blinds him and escapes. In retaliation, Polyphemus prays to his father, Poseidon, to punish Odysseus. The anime version differs from the original, only in smaller details and color.

  • Terrestrial Violence Star

The star originally comes from the character Bao Xu, in the Water Margin story.

  • Gigant

The name Gigant is a variant of the word "giant" or "gigantic". In mythology, immediately after the war with the Titans, the Olympian gods had to fight against a race of giants who were threatening them, including the twin brothers Otus and Ephialtes, whom Artemis tricked into slaughtering one another. The giants were ultimately defeated.


  • Saint Seiya Vol. 20
  • Saint Seiya Vol. 21

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