The Titan Current Oceanos (清流のオケアノス, Seiryū no Okeanosu; Greek: Ὠκεανός, Okeanós) was one of the Titans freed by Pontos with the help of Dimension Iapetos, along with Kreios and the six Titanesses. He is the eldest of the Titans and the Titan of the Ocean.


Okeanos is the most quiet and thoughtful of the Titans. Unlike his brothers, he appears to be rather trusting. Above all, he shows a serene temperment.

Okeanos does not hate humans, but sees them as flawed creations that do not fit the perfect world the gods created, so he has sworn to destroy and then re-create them into new, perfect beings who will never foolishly rebel against gods.


Mythological AgeEdit

Okeanos is the eldest of the Titans, the firstborn children of Gaia and Uranus. He married his sister, Tethys, and together they ruled the Ocean, having a particular link with Pontus, the personification of the ocean. He sided with his king and brother, Kronos, against the Olympians in the Titanomachy.

During the war, Okeanos and his wife entered the conflict, but their sister Mnemosyne betrayed them all, and one of their daughters, the naiad Styx, rescued Zeus during the battle; she was forever honored by him as a reward. However, her parents were not spared, and Okeanos and Tethys were imprisoned in Tartarus with the other Titans after losing the Titanomachy.

War against Gold SaintsEdit

Okeanos arrived at Sanctuary, intending to recover Kronos's Soma, but his way was blocked by the Saints guarding the temple. When Okeanos was about to kill Leo Aiolia, the battle was interrupted by Aquarius Camus, who decides to fight against the Titan because Aiolia is wounded. Both kept a close fight, in which the Titan used congealed water against the Gold Saint. When it seemed that Camus was able to freeze the Titan up and attacks him, Okeanos admits that humans can be worthy opponents, and departs.


  • Thalassa Deluge (大海氾濫(タラッサデリージュ), Tarassa Derīju, lit. Ocean Flooding): with a flick of his hand Ocenaos creates a large amount of water that is scattered in all directions as a tsunami. The water is completely pure, so it does not conduct electricity.
  • Stream Edge (清流之刃(ストリュウムエッジ), Sutoryūmu Ejji, lit. Stream Blade) using the Ocenaos humidity creates two edges to their daggers.
  • Current Impact (海流衝撃(カレントインパクト), Karento Inpakuto): an attack using daggers, creates a typhoon in each hand and the pressure in the middle of both damages the enemy.
  • Hydor Auge (輝光水流(アウゲー・ヒュドール), Augē Hyudōru, lit. Shining Water Stream): Ocenaos creates multiple points of water and shoot the opponent. Touching the opponent enters enemy body with water and Ocenaos gets full control over the liquid inside the opponent, it can rip the blood out him.

Gallery Edit

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