Christ is the Saint of Crux (the Southern Cross constellation) and wears the Crux Cloth. His class have only been confirmed with a question mark as Silver.

Christ appeared in the first Saint Seiya movie called "Jashin Eris" were he was part of a group of revived Saints called "Ghost Five". His technique is Southern Cross Thunder Bolt.

Plot Overview

Christ died some time before Athena was kidnapped, and is thus recognized by Hyoga as being the Southern Cross to Hyoga's Northern Cross[1]. Feeling restless and tormented by his death as he lay in his grave, Christ put aside his Saint title and joined Eris, who revived him with a new body [2]. When he gets an advantage over Cygnus Hyoga, Christ is betrayed by Eris, who sees this as a good opportunity. She throws a spear into Christ's back which pierces right through his heart, killing him and injuring Hyoga at the same time.

Concept & Creation

With the success of the Saint Seiya franchise in both anime & manga form, a movie was proposed by Toei. Masami Kurumada participated in the production and after three months he contributed with the new Saints. Christ is named after Christ the anointed one, in the case of Jesus who were hung to a cross. As the Lyra and Sagitta Cloths was created by Kurumada for the movie and later appeared in the original story, many assume the Crux Cloth will too.


This is the original design of the Southern Cross Silver Cloth as done by Masami Kurumada. Christ likely earned the cloth many years prior to the series, and had it returned, in an altered state, after his revival. Like most Silver Cloth's original forms, it covers a decent amount of the body, between Bronze Cloth and Gold Cloths. The Cloth itself shows no real unique traits outside of those given to other Silver Cloths. The Cloth was last seen as Christh was defeat.



Special Abilities of Silver Cloth of Southern Cross

The Southern Cross Silver Cloth, while having all of the strength and endurance of a Silver Cloth, has no special traits that make it stand out as a cloth.


Southern Cross Thunder Bolt : is an offensive technique used by Christ in the first movie. Christ shifts his arms into an L shape with the left one lying down. He then dashes forward with his Cosmo charged.


  1. Time: 18:20; Hyoga: Impossible, Christ was...
    Christ: We are Ghost Saints revived by Eris
  2. Time: 26:50; Ikki:You mean that your bones were revived from your grave?
    Orpheus: No, not our bones. Eris called us back and gave us new bodies.