Crow Johann (烏座(クロウ)のヨハン, Kurō no Yohan) is the Silver Saint of the Crow constellation, teammate of Hound Miguel, also loyal to Mars. Johann can use the element of Wind.

Plot (Mars-Hen)Edit

When Pegasus Kōga and his fellow rescue Aria the Babel Tower , Aquila Yuna is responsible for putting the girl to safety while others entertain the hordes of Mars .Mars decides to send his daughter Hornet Sonia with Johan and Hound Miguel to recover Aria, locating next to Yuna in a small town.

Sonia depsués that leaves, claimed by his father, Aquila Yuna with Lionet Sōma , trying to convince Johan and Miguel that Mars is not Athena side, but even though the determination may notice Johan in the eyes of Silver Saint, do not believe them, and Johan decides to personally take care of both, starting a battle that seems invincible, blocking their attacks with his technique Wind Jammer, and attacking them with the Wind Trigger.

When Johan prepares to finish off Yuna appears Kouga, Yuna and comes up with a plan to use the skills of his friend and get the win. Under their direction, Kouga uses his technique Pegasus Senkō Ken , which disperses easily Johan with his Wind Jammer, realizing that during the shock has disappeared Yuna techniques. Yuna is located in a blind spot that has been found in the art of Johann, and attacks him with his technique Aquila Spinning Predation. Johan commended the friendships that Yuna had with her peers and was seemingly taken for dead afterwards.

Plot (New Cloth-Hen)Edit

However, he reappeared alive later on during the war against Pallas, returning to the Sanctuary as one of Athena's loyal Silver Saints.


Corvus (the crow in Latin) is a minor constellation with only 11 stars visible to the naked eye. γ Corvi (Gienah Gurab) and δ Corvi (Algorab), serve as indicators to find Spica (α Virginis). The brightest star in Corvus, γ Corvi has an anomalous chemical composition, with high levels of mercury and manganese as well as unusually low levels of aluminum and nickel, being included within the group of mercury-manganese stars. Another star of interest is η Corvi, where it has detected an excess of infrared radiation, which indicates the existence of a circumstellar disk. Recent observations show that most of the 100 AU inner disk of this material are relatively clean, suggesting it may have been cleared by a planetary system. Within the deep sky objects should be emphasized to NGC 4038 and 4039, two interacting galaxies known as Antennae Galaxies. Are experiencing a galactic collision and the nuclei of both galaxies are joining to form a supergalaxia probably elliptical type.


  • Wind Jammer (ウインドジャマー, Uindo Jamā): Is a powerful attack defensive / offensive conducted by controlling the wind element. The user, Crow Johann here, stretched his right arm and concentrates his cosmos in the palm of hand then performs a series of movements with his hands, and returns after repelling attack their rivals with a shield of wind to finally top them with a powerful hurricane-generated landscape cosmos had concentrated early in the attack.
  • Wind Trigger (ウインドトリガー, Uindo Torigā): Is a unique technique of Saint Seiya Omega . It is a powerful attack by Crow Johann by controlling the wind element.Johann lifted his right arm and stretch index finger toward the sky slowly and from his extended finger, starts appearing pink tornado ending, growing rapidly, becoming a gigantic tornado. Finally this tornado throws towards his opponent, destroying everything in its path.



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