Cronus (クロノス, Kuronosu) is the leader of the Titans and the sovereign Titan Lord, with the ability to control time. He debuted in Saint Seiya: Episode G. Chronos is the youngest of the Titans and rules as their king, alongside his wife Rhea, and is the father of Zeus, Hades and Poseidon.


He is self-centred and arrogant, refusing to acknowledge any other god but himself. He is also very authoritarian and dismissive of the power of humans.


Chronos (Greek: Κρόνος [Crónos]) is the god of agricultural time. He rules over the flowing of time and the regular succession of months and agricultural seasons. He has no power over the lives and deaths of humans, being that the domain of Thanatos.

Chronos's mother, Gaia, after being born out of Nothingness, gave birth to her son and lover, Uranus, the representation of the sky. The couple had several children, the first of whom were the twelve Titans, including Chronos himself. Gaia then gave birth to the Cyclopses (creatures with only one eye) and the Hekatonkhieres (giant creatures with 100 arms and 50 heads each). However, feeling they were too ugly and too powerful, Uranus trapped these last children inside Tartarus. Infuriated at Uranus's actions, encouraged Chronos to ambush Uranus to kill him. Chronos did so, but the fallen Uranus cursed Chronos to suffer the same fate and be overthrown by his own child, Zeus.

Chronos became the ruler of the world in place of his father, and his sister Rhea became his queen. However, Chronos never forgot Uranus's dark prophecy and became obsessed with keeping his power. His desire to keep his throne was so great, whenever his wife bore a child, Chronos would take the baby from her and swallow it alive. Only the youngest, Zeus, escaped this treatment, and plotted the rescue of his siblings and revenge against the Titans. After tricking the Titan King into releasing the other Olympians, Zeus declared war on Chronos, releasing the Cyclopses and the Hekatonkhieres from the Underworld to help him. Ultimately, Zeus defeated Chronos and the other Titans, sealing them within Tartarus.

Fictional adaptions

Masami Kurumada and Megumu Okada changed some details from the myth of Chronos for fictional purposes.

Gaia created the Soma for the Titans, twelve armors that could also take the shape of weapons. According to Kurumada, it was thanks to the power of the Soma that the Titans were able to overwhelm Uranus. Chronos' Soma is the Megas Drepanon, Greek for "big scythe".

The Titaness Mnemosyne, wife of Zeus, stole Koios's Keraunos (Greek for "thunder") for him, so that Zeus became able to defeat the other deities.

After defeating the Titans, Zeus sealed away Chronos' Soma, the Megas Depranon, inside Sanctuary. The weapon was in fact located under the Statue of Athena, although the goddess and her incarnations never realized this.

Saint Seiya chronology

Saint Seiya Episode.G

Part I

At the beginning of Saint Seiya: Episode G, it is revealed that Saga, already posing as Shion, plotted to bring back the Titans.

Chronos' first appearance is when Gemini Saga appears in Jamir, and several times with the other Titans. Chronos later appears in the Sanctuary to retrieve his weapon and destroy the statue of Athena, but is stopped by Saga. During the fight, Saga briefly returned to his good self, but as he was delivering the killing blow against Chronos, his evil self returned and he merely turned his back on the Titan.

After being defeated by his son Zeus, with his soul and body separately sealed, Cronos could manifest as a giant cosmos, possessing six arms. This aspect of his soul stores all divine knowledge (skills, knowledge, and history as memories). In this way, Chronos' size is bigger than that of a mountain.

Part II

In his incomplete resurrected form, Chronos looks like a young teenager, with short black hair.

The Psammos Adamas hourglass controls the time of the earth and it causes a mix between past, present and future and chaos on earth. The only way to prevent this is to destroy Cronos.

In the Labyrinth, Chronos meets Lithos Crysallis, who had been kidnapped by Dimension Iapetos and accompanies her when she tries to escape. After that, he meets Aiolia and the other Gold Saints who had come to their world, and for a moment it seems that the war between the two factions could end peacefully. However, Mnemosyne gave Chronos his memories back, restoring his true personality and motives.

Part III

Chronos sees the defeat of his three Guardian Giants at the hands of Gold Saints. The fight between him and Leo Aiolia starts. When both are defeated and are falling in the Tartarus, Chronos gives his powers directly to Hades in exchange for the life of Aiolia.


Chronos's Soma is shaped like a scythe, and is named the "Megas Drepanon.". In Greek, the word "Megas" means giant, while "Drepanon" means scythe, in accordance with the myth that Chronos wielded a giant scythe against his father Uranus.


Skilled warrior, 7th, 8th and 9th sense user, through divine Cosmos, he has super strength, speed, durability, agility, endurance, telepathy, telekinesis, atom manipulation and destruction (can bypass durability by hitting the atoms of the opponent), can counter or nullify any technique after seeing it being used once, can resurrect and maintain his soul and body in the world of the dead via 8th sense, energy blasts, forcefields, dimensional travel, can survive in space, levitation/flight, higher senses to track people and events over large distances and through dimensions, soul manipulation, elemental manipulation, time manipulation, astral projection and illusions. Through Dunamis, he has matter and energy manipulation at the atomic level and reality warping. Through Dunamis and Ichor (divine blood) he has regeneration (Low-Godly) and immortality (Types 1, 3 and 4). Can heal and empower other beings through his Ichor and Dunamis. It was Chronos who created the big bang that created the universe.


  • Megas Drepanon (Great Scythe) - Can bypass defenses and cut physical bodies, energy and spirits at once.
  • Psammos Adamas - Hourglass capable of cross-dimensional time manipulation.
  • Golden Dagger - Capable of killing Gods even through non-physical bodies and divine defenses like regeneration.

Astral form, under three seals, using only his Cosmo

  • Teleos Oracle (绝対神托-テレオスオラクル, Zettai Shintaku - Tereosu Orakuru - Almighty Oracle) - An attack that directly affects the opponent's mind. He invites the victim to become a servant of Chronos. If the target resists, then a curse is thrown upon him and his persona is destroyed and his existence is poisoned, throwing him into a miserable fate of treachery and decadence, ending with death at the hands of those who he knew/knows, it curses and poisons the life of it's victims - the same fate shared by the descendants of Uranus. It also affects the target to awaken evil impulses and ambitions. It is an attack that can ignore or neglect barriers, durability and armors as it is a non-physical assult and a spiritual/supernatural attack.
  • Khaos Hyetos (浑沌豪雨-カオスヒュエトス, Konton Gou - Kaosu Hyuetosu - Storm Of Chaos) - One of the many forms used by Chronos to control nature. He calls the rain and changes its shape into incredibly long black needles that penetrate the enemy's body, causing an immeasurable pain. It is capable of bypassing barriers and armors and affects the body directly. In addition to hurting the enemy, it also drains the opponent's life-force and powers.
  • Phainomenon Arkhein (现象支配-パイノメノンアルケイン, Gensho Shihao - Phainomenon Arukein - Domain Phenomena) - Controlling nature, Chronos calls the veils from the depths of the earth to the surface and the wind whirls turning it into natural veneer, the wind currents can be manipulated into attack waves or blades of wind that can cut the victim's body and while this is happening this attack can also bring in the special burning flames that emerge from the ground, buring not just the body but also the life energy. This technique can contain and redirect FTL attacks for energy absorption, or creating black smoke explosions.

Under one seal, after manifesting Dunamis and equipping the Megas Drepanon

  • Yami No Meido (Darkness Roar) - The vibration of his 4 floating arms generates a resonance field whose waves can paralyze his enemy and cut his body and internal energies because it is capable of passing through defenses and ignores durability, for both offense and defense as a barrier around his body that can stop Gold Saint attacks.
  • Guardian Stars: Chronos makes three strands of his hair grow and transform into stars. Each of them can transform into giants, said to be most powerful of all giants
  1. Jade Armor: Nefristo Hoplimas: It has a humaoid form, it's strong enough to overpower Aldebaran and durable enough to whistand attacks of the Aldebaran and Shura.
    • Dunamis Pelekus: It can concentrate a big quantity of dunamis in his punches and use it to attack while generating shockwaves.
  2. Beast of Amber: Electron Teru: It appears in the form of lion. It's able to control fire, shooting it like fireballs and controlling it's trajectory.
    • Dunamis Odous: gathers huge amount of Dunamis in it's mouth and fires it as a powerful fireball.
  3. Pearl Dragon: Magarites Dracon: Giant in the form of the dragon, as such it can use magical attacks and is very resistant to cosmo based techniques (especially ice). It can also control water forming it into needles and water balls. It's imprevious to pain.
    • Dunamis Pneuma: focuses huge amount of Dunamis in the mouth and fires it as a powerful stream of water.
  • Complete Form: after destroying Psammos Adamas and absorbing it's essence as well as fusing with Megas Drepanon, Cronus is able to greatly increase his power. He gains two additional arms (six in total), each one of these arms is covered in blue flames (which represents time itself) and they are slowly fading away, destruction of all flames is equivalent to destruction of the time. He also gains two additional faces. This form focuses more on pure combat power. His fighting style is based on controlled immense violence associated with a specific computing capacity and his understanding of the spatial dimensions is well above human - which allows him to instantly shift his position. Power of his previous techniques is also increased.
  • Pragma Spathe: using this Cronus is able to shift his strikes from one point to another in an upredictable paths, completely eradicating distance and attacking in the instant. Each one of his punches carries the power of the Megas Drepanon - power to decide cosmos itself, it nullifies cosmo based attacks, can strike spirits, physical bodies and energy at once and is able to bypass defences, armors and durablity.
  • Dunamis Megas Drepanon: upgraded Megas Drepanon that emerges from his arms in the form of bladed wings.
    • Dunamis Pteryx: using Dunamis Megas Drepanon, Cronus is able to steal time from others completely destroying their existence and returning to nothing more than atomic particles.

No Seals

  • Big Bang: An explosion that created the universe. Chronos was the one who set it off. (Unsealed)


  • In Greek mythology, the original Chronos was the Titan god of agriculture and the harvest, i.e. he ruled over the regular flowing of agricultural seasons and times (although the harvest does have a link to time and endings).
  • In the Roman version of the Titanomachy, Chronos's Roman counterpart, Saturn, escapes the Olympians after the war and establishes the Elysian Fields in the Underworld. Under the authority of Hades (Pluto), Saturn is allowed to reign over the souls of the blessed and the righteous.
  • The mythic Chronos never kills his father; he instead seriously injures Uranus into resigning from authority over the world. The attack also produces the goddess Aphrodite and the Furies.
  • Chronos is also the father of the wise and immortal centaur Chiron, after whom the Sagittarius constellation and Gold Cloth are inspired.
  • It is interesting to note that, in contrast to her mythological counterpart, Rhea shows far more loyalty to her husband Chronos; she sides with him in the Titanomachy and is also imprisoned in Tartarus for her support of her king. In the original myth, Rhea tricked and betrayed Chronos to preserve Zeus' life and free her other children from her husband; she is never involved in the war directly. It can be assumed Zeus rewarded her by allowing her to stay on Olympus, as many if not all of the Titanesses are spared from Tartarus and honored by humans.