Crateris Suikyō
Crateris Suikyo
Japanese クラテリスの水鏡[1]
Romanization Kuraterisu no Suikyō[2]
Alias(es) Crateris Saint
General Information
Classification Silver Saint of Athena
Deity Athena
Hades (as Garuda)
Cloth Crateris Cloth
Black Cloth
God Cloth
Surplice Garuda Surplice
God Robe
Ars Magna
Sacred Sword
Constellation Crater
Evil Star Celestial Heroic Star[3]
Abilities shown
Named techniques Hyōsō Byakurenge
Hyōsō Hyakuga Senran
Items used
Biographical Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Place of birth
Place of training Athena's Sanctuary, Greece
Place of death
Blood type
Zodiac sign
Apprentice Pegasus Tenma
Family Suishō (brother)
Debut ND: Chapter 9
Appearances Next Dimension
Japanese voice
English voice
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Crateris Suikyō is one of the Silver Saints in Next Dimension.


Before Holy War

Suikyo lived and trained in the Sanctuary since he was very little, along with his little brother Suisho. During his upbringing in the Sanctuary he became good friends with Aries Shion (ND) and Libra Dohko whom he trained with. Eventually he became the Silver Saint of Crateris, as a Silver Saint he was respected as a man who lived for justice and to protect others. However, his little brother was very ill at this time and Suikyo kept begging for Athena to save him. A Specter eventually then appeared, claiming to have come for Suisho's soul. Suikyo trid to attack the Specter to no avail, but the Specter gave him the unexpected offer to join Hades' army and his brother's soul wouldn't have to suffer in hell after he dies.Suisho eventually died and was put in the Sanctuary graveyard to rest. Suikyo was ordered to go on a mission by the Pope and entrusted Shion and Dohko to look after Suisho's grave as he departed.During a raging snow storm somewhere in Italy, Suikyō caught Tenma sneaking away after stealing the belongings of the boy named Alone, Hades' chosen vessel for his soul in the 18th century.

After returning to Alone in the cottage nearby and finishing scolding Tenma, Suikyō was convinced by Alone that Tenma didn't steal his belongings. The night was extremely cold because of the snowstorm. Suikyō took the boys close to himself and warmed them with his body heat, so they could survive. Thereafter, Suikyō and Tenma strongly bonded emotionally, Tenma became the disciple of the Crateris Saint and was trained by him to become the Pegasus Saint.

Holy War

Main article: Garuda Suikyō

Skills and abilities

  • Intuition: As a saint, Suikyō can manipulate the sixth sense.
  • Miraculosity: Despite not being a gold saint, Suikyō can manipulate the seventh sense.
  • Superhuman Strength: Like all cosmo users, Suikyō's physical strength surpasses that of average humans.


  1. Alternative writing is 杯星座の水鏡 (Hai seiza no Mizukagami), roughly translated to "Mizukagami of the Cup Constellation". Alternatively, his personal name is also written as すいきょう Sui kyō.
  2. Intended forced reading, as the kanji 水鏡 would usually be read as Mizukagami, which roughly translates to "water mirror".
  3. 雄 comes from the Old Chinese term for "male", which in Old Japanese is equal to "heroic" and is in turn a particularly common way to refer to the greatest men who ever lived.