The Crateris Cloth is the cloth of the Saint Suikyo in Saint Seiya: Next Dimension. It is of the second class of the cloths that Athena's Saints wield, the Silver Cloth


The Crateris constellation is based on a myth regarding Apollo. In the story, a crow, the god's personal bird, was sent to fetch water from the cup, but, seeing a fig tree, procrastinated until the figs were ready to be eaten. Trying to cover his tracks, the crow brought a hydra back with the water to explain the delay, but all three were put in the sky, the vengeful hydra forever keeping the crow away from Crateris. In the manga, the cup is said to be the very vessel Athena drinks from to slake her thirst after battle.


Suikyo possibly trained to be a Saint in Sanctuary, Greece by an unknown master. The cloth was likely kept in Sanctuary until a Saint worthy of wearing it was found. Years ago, he was the friend of the then Bronze Saints Shion and Dohko. At one point, he disappeared from Sactuary for several years, eventually meeting the two boys Tenma and Alone. He saves their lives and trains Tenma in the way of the Saint, before leaving him both his own Cloth, and the Pegasus Bronze Cloth. It is revealed that he left Sanctuary due to his brother, Suisho, who had fallen ill. A mysterious Specter promised him help with his brother, and he joined their side, as the Judge, Garuda Suikyo. He has assaulted the Saints since then, but only killed when he had no other way to continue, even letting Tenma and Shun escape from Gemini Abel. The Cloth is now with Sanctuary, after Tenma joined them.

Special Abilities

The Crateris Silver Cloth has special abilities, when water is placed inside it's constellation form. Looking into the water will reflect your own future, or a future connected to you. Drinking the water can return one's strength to them, and heal wounds.

Techniques used by Crateris Saints

  • Hisô Byakurenge, Japanese for "White Lotus Ice Lances": is an offensive attack used by Suikyo against Taurus Ox. Suikyo holds his hands out over his head, pointing towards his enemies with open palms. Gathering the cosmo needed, he throws his hands down, and crosses them, his energy solidifying into numerous solid spears of ice, which are strong enough to even pierce a Gold Cloth.