Crane Komachi (鶴座(クレイン)の小町, Kurein no Komachi) is a Saint Apprentice. She is one of the student Saints that are in Palestra. Komachi can use the element of Earth.

Chronology (Mars-Hen)

Training At Palaestra

Crane Clostone

Crane Clostone arm-only

Lepus Arne and Crane Komachi, students at the Palestra , are friends of Aquila Yuna. They follow the short workouts together. During the basic training,which Pegasus Kōga participates in, Komachi is almost injured when Dragon Ryūhō puts a little too much force into his water attack (which as an Earth Cosmo user, she is vulnerable to).Komachi manages to qualify for the Saint Fight and participate in the selection test on Cosmo Delta.

Martians Invasion

Later, the Martian troops attacked the school and they end up trapped in the Babel Tower as most people in the Palestra.

Cancer House

Arne and Komachi reappear as zombies invoked by Cancer Schiller , who manipulates them against Aquila Yuna. Yuna learns that Schiller uses the minds of the Saints locked in columns that feed the Babel Tower, and that they are still alive. Aquila Yuna defeated Cancer Schiller and saved her friends.

Chronology (Pallas-Hen)

Komachi survived the Tomb Sqeeze of Cancer Schiller. She's seen alongside Lepus Arne and Camelopardalis Bartsch taking care of refugees from villages attacked by the Pallasite and preparing the defense of Palestra alongside other Saints.



Grus (the Crane) is a southern constellation. It is one of the 20 constellations created by Pieter Keyser and Frederick Dirkszoon de Houtman between 1595 and 1597, and its first appearance in the book Uranometria of Johann Bayer in 1603. α Gruis, known as Al Nair, and β Gruis are stars of second magnitude, the brightest in this constellation. It also contains several stars with extrasolar planets as τ1 Gruis, HD 208487, HD 213240 and Gliese 832.


  • The element of Komachi was not mentioned in any external source and has not been specifically mentioned in the anime, but the training scene of episode 4 can however see the use Earth . In addition, the title of the drive ("Water against Earth ") leaves no room for doubt, unlike cases like Fly or Ionia .
  • However, it is surprising that Komachi Crane finishes with the Earth element while Arne Hare was awarded the Water, the reverse seems more intuitive. As episode 4 is the only source, it is difficult to say whether it is or not an error. Remember that the banners announcing the constellations fighters in episode 6 comprise, for example an error for Spear , which is given in "Water" in magazines and on the official website of Toei, while his banner is colored by mistake green, as the Saints Wind .
  •  Komachi's Clothstone has not yet been shown, except for the right arm.
  • Like the Aquila Cloth, the Crane Cloth was originally designated as Silver before Omega where it was made a Bronze.