Cor Tauri
Cor Tauri Profile2
Japanese コル タウリ
Romanization Koru Tauri
General Information
Classification Guardian of Europa
Deity Zeus
Black Cloth
God Cloth
God Robe
Ars Magna
Sacred Sword
Evil Star
Abilities shown
Named techniques Ichor Nova
Items used
Biographical Information
Age Many thousands of years[1]
Race Automaton
Gender Male
Place of birth Crete, Greece
Place of training
Place of death Mount Etna, Sicily
Blood type Ichor
Zodiac sign
Apprentice Salinsa
Family Daedalus (creator)
Zeus (ichor donor)
Europa (adopted mother)[2]
Debut TLC Gaiden 9: Chapter 58
Appearances The Lost Canvas Gaiden
Japanese voice
English voice
[Template Source]

Cor Tauri is an automaton crafted by Daedalus.

Story Edit

Long in the past, he was made by the mythological craftsman Daedalus in Crete by order of Zeus, and given the task to protect Zeus' human lover Europa and her children (which, according to myth, became the descendants of all Europeans). In order to be strong enough to perform his task, he was given the blood of Zeus (and consequentially his thunderbolt) and the "heart of a bull". During the time Europa was alive, he was considered part of her family, as to thank him for protecting her and her children.[2] Since the age of myth, he stood in Crete, protecting and sheltering those in need (particularly abandoned children). At some point near the present, he found Salinsa, who had been abandoned by her parents in the Cretan Labyrinth, subsequently sheltering and teaching her to survive, along with other local children. He did so to honor his life's mission.

Plot Edit

The Lost Canvas Gaiden 9: Taurus Edit

Cor Tauri is first seen in Crete over 14 years before the awakening of Hades, during Salinsa's flashback. He attacks Taurus Rasgado, who had entered the island in a mission for the Sanctuary, and is encouraged by the children he protected while fighting. Rasgado tries to talk to him, but he doesn't answer, continuing to savagely strike his opponent. The saint launches his Great Horn at Cor Tauri's chest, but he stops it by simply hardening his muscles. Rasgado tries to tell him that his power is necessary to seal the giant at Mount Etna, but the fight continues, and the Taurus is forced to use his strongest technique at the time, Titan's Break to bury Cor Tauri temporarily, hoping he'd calm himself. The automaton quickly rises from the earth as Salinsa confronts Rasgado, believing the saint to have killed her master. He generates heat until his entire body becomes red in preparation for his main technique, and opens the ground with his Ichor Nova, making Rasgado and Salinsa fall into the gap and down towards the ruined Cretan Labyrinth. From the surface, he plans his descent after Salinsa, walking away from the other children and telling himself that he'd save her.

As Rasgado and Salinsa walk through the labyrinth, Cor Tauri shows himself once more, breaking part of the ruins behind the duo and prepares generates heat again, revealing his decaying body. He punches the saint in the face, and the Taurus withstands the attack in order to show Cor Tauri his determination after learning of the automaton's past. Rasgado punches back, causing the large automaton to fall on his back as his ichor starts going out of control due to a wound. Zeus' lightning escapes the wound, affecting the saint's body through his gold cloth and revealing the automaton's heart. Salinsa tells Rasgado about the deterioration of her master's body due to old age, and how it causes the thunderbolt to go out of control with the ichor and escape his body. Cor Tauri dashes towards the saint, breaking a pillar with his body before catching him in a bodylock and irradiating him with lightning continuously. In order to reach Cor Tauri's dormant consciousness, the saint manages to escape the hold, using his Great Horn to bring the automaton to his knees. The impact brings back Cor Tauri's memories of Europa and her children, as well as his consciousness. Rasgado stands over the automaton, literally holding his heart over his own head in order to take the impact and ease it off for Cor Tauri. He realizes the action, smiling and thinking to himself that the saint was "quite stupid".

Skills and abilities Edit

  • Intuition: As most (if not all) cosmo users, Cor Tauri can manipulate the sixth sense.
  • Miraculosity: As a being who can withstand ichor and fight a gold saint, Cor Tauri can manipulate the seventh sense.
  • Godhood: Despite not achieving the ninth sense, Cor Tauri possesses the blood of an Olympian god.
  • Superhuman Longevity: Being made of bronze, Cor Tauri's body can last much longer than a human's. He is not immortal, as his body decays over time (which is much accelerated by the ichor coursing through his veins).
  • Superhuman Resilience: Being made of bronze, Cor Tauri's body can withstand an incredible amount of damage, even in a weakened and decaying state.
  • Superhuman Strength: Like most cosmo users, Cor Tauri's physical strength surpasses that of average humans.
  • Superhuman Speed: Like most cosmo users, Cor Tauri's physical speed surpasses that of average humans.
  • Lightning Manipulation: Using the power of Zeus' ichor, Cor Tauri can partially manipulate his power, the divine thunderbolt. This power can seal powerful beings, such as titans and giants.[citation needed]

Secret techniques (ōgi) Edit

Ichor Nova (イーコール・ノヴァ Īkōru Nova)

References Edit

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  2. 2.0 2.1 The Lost Canvas Gaiden 9: Chapter 3 (60), Page 26.

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