Lugh Conner is the daughter of Moria and his guardian is Failinis and is a character in Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas Chapter Leo .


Conner wants to go home to meet his father, but his Guardian Failinis not stop because it is very dangerous to disobey intenata Conner but Failinis  falls off the horse that was Failinis helps him up and he insists that it is very dangerous for his father. Conner and Failinis are intercepted by a group of druids who try to kill them, but they are saved by Leo Regulus who uses his Plasma Lightning and defeat the Druids. Regulus Conner takes and takes and that the mission entrusted to protect her from the Sanctuary.
Regulus and Conner arrive at the Palace where Lugh Moria Conner's father, who is very hurt by the blows of Cruaich , Regulus Conner promises Cruaich revenge for what he did to his father.

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