The Coma Berenices Cloth is a Cloth of unknown rank. 

Constellation and MythologyEdit

The Coma Berenices Cloth is based on the constellation of the same name. The constellation's title, which translates to "Berenice's Hair" is based on an Egyptian legend; in the year 243 B.C., the ruler of Egypt, Ptolemy III Euergetes, went to war against the Seleucids, a campaign known as the Third Syrian War. However, his new wife, Queen Berenice II, was so concerned for him that she offered to give up her beautiful blond hair if the goddess Aphrodite would allow Ptolemy to come home safely. 

Ptolemy indeed returned alive and well, and Berenice kept her promise, slicing off her hair and placing it in Aphrodite's temple. However, the next day, the hair was gone. Ptolemy was furious, but his court astrologer claimed that Aphrodite had been so happy about the offering that she had placed the hair in the sky as a constellation, soothing the monarch.

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