Coma Berenices (かみのけ座(コーマ)のベレニケ, Kōma no Berenike) is a character from the film Saint Seiya: Legend of Crimson Youth.


Abel Warrior

Berenice is one of Abel Saints and used since mythological times. When Abel decides to return to Earth to see his sister Athena, he accompanies with Atlas and Jao. Along the way, God raises the dead Gold Saints in the battle of the Sanctuary. He said finally Saori sacrifice on behalf of the Earth Gods.

Fight Againts Gold Saints

Athena listening music from his brother at Temple Corona when she decides to oppose it. She does not want the Earth to be sacrificed. Abel immersed in sleep so it slides gradually into the realm of the dead.

Capricorn Shura  and Aquarius Camus do not hear well and oppose God. The Gold Saints are then easily defeated by Corona Saints.

Fight Againts Hyoga

Berenice uses his Death Golden Hair on Shiryu after it defeated Deathmask Cancer. Corona then went to Saint Hill Dignity where it waits Hyoga with Abel and Atlas.

God wants the Hyoga creates an ice coffin for Athena. The Holy balks and wants to create one for Abel. Berenice decides to confront Hyoga.He begins to taunt his opponent by saying that he defeated Camus. Hyoga Attack uses Aurora Thunder  but Berenice is resistant to cold attack. Berenice Launches Golden Hair Death who abuses Hyoga.

berenices  offers Hyoga to act of repentance and swear allegiance to the Abel but refuses. Hyoga is about to succumb but looks Rosary Cross North of his late mother. In a final surge, he launched an attack that freezes completely Berenice.

Peculiarities of Cloth



Armor Coma Berenices: Coma Berenices (Berenice's Hair) has to do with the situation that Queen Berenice II began. Around 243 BC, Queen Berenice II of Egypt promised her long hair to Aphrodite if her husband, Ptolemy III Evérgeta I returned safely from the war against the Seleucid Empire. The goddess accepted the motion, and Bernice cut his hair, giving it to the altar the next day, however, she was gone. The astronomer at the court said that Aphrodite was so delighted with the offering that had taken her to heaven.

Fighting Skills


Golden Hair of Death

Golden Hair of Death (ゴールデン・デスヘアー, Gōruden Desu Heā, "Golden Death Hair"): Berenices has the ability to launch several strands of hair (it has to do with its constellation). These hairs Berenices throws are able to trap and disrupt the enemy. It's hard to escape because the hairs hold the enemy at a pressure strong enough to immobilize it completely, then the hair starts to fill the cosmos Berenices energy, which burns and destroys the body armor and the enemy completely.