Columba Gray (鳩座(コロンバ)のグレイ, Koronba no Gurei)) is the Columba Saint in Saint Seiya Omega. Gray can use the element of Fire.

Chronology (Mars-Hen)

Training At Palaestra

Spear , Rudolf and Gray are students at the Palestra , who love to tease Aquila Yuna about her mask.They try to fight with her when she comes back to the Palestra.They also harass Pegasus Kōga. However, Geki intervenes and reprimands his students, unhappy to see that they were trying to fight students outside of approved matches, which is forbidden by the rules of the Palestra.

A little later, Gray and Rudolf surprise Kōga as he tried to train to train alone,trying to awaken his Cloth and launch the Pegasus Ryusei Ken . The trio teased Koga, saying he was unworthy of the legendary Pegasus Cloth. Kōga managed to escape them by hitting the wall near them, blinding them with dust generated.

Saints Fight

Later, the Saint Fight is announced and students are at the Cosmo Delta to pass the qualification test. Spear, Gray and Rudolf manage to qualify and thus part of the 16 participants selected for the tournament. However, all three lose in the first round.

Martians Invasion

Two days later, the Martians invade the Palestra, and the trio fights with the other students and teachers. However, they are quickly outweighed by the intruders, and imprisoned in the complete central pillar of Babel.

Chronolgy (Pallas-Hen)

Gray recovered after the war against Mars was over and returned to Palestra. Eventually, a new war started against Pallas. Palestra was used to receive refugees from many villages attacked by the Pallasites, and Gray was one of the Saints there. During the battle, Libra Genbu died to protect Palestra. During Genbu's funeral, Spear questions whether Bronze Saints can do anything in that war, and both Gray and Rudolph seem to agree with him. They're later shown walking through Palestra, all seemingly depressed. However, after Sagittarius Seiya and Athena arrive and the army attacking Palestra runs away, Gray and his friends regain their will to fight.


Columba is a small, faint constellation created in the late sixteenth century. Its name is Latin for dove. It is located just south of Canis Major and Lepus.Columba was created by Dutch astronomer Petrus Plancius in 1592 in order to differentiate the 'unformed stars' of the large constellation Canis Major. Plancius first depicted Columba on the small celestial planispheres of his large wall map of 1592. It is also shown on his smaller world map of 1594 and on early Dutch celestial globes.Plancius originally named the constellation Columba Noachi ("Noah's Dove"), referring to the dove that gave Noah the information that the Great Flood was receding. This name is found on early 17th-century celestial globes and star atlases (such as Bayer's Uranometria of 1603).


  • Gray is the first Columba Saint.
  • Though the Columba cloth is never actually shown he is seen wearing it on his arm during the Qualification test for the Saint Fight. It is silver with yellow gems.