Columba Ereinée is one Athena Bronze Saint.


Eirene is a woman who led the Sanctuary along with Calypso, under the tutelage of Marin and Shina. Then she disappeared without giving news. She returned a few years later at the Sanctuary at the end of the Holy War. In fact, she was taken on the island of Chios, in the company of other knights apprentices. There, she followed the teachings of the master Avior Carina, the most powerful Silver Saints, worthy successor to the former Pope Shion. For over 6 years, she learned the secret techniques and forgotten the power of the gods, at the time when they were still on earth among men. She acquired a powerful attack and received his armor Dove symbol of peace. Avior knew she would play an important role during the next war, so he sent her to the Sanctuary.

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