The cloth repair technique (聖衣クロスの修復技術 Kurosu no shūfuku gijutsu?) is what remains of the technique developed in the lost continent of Mu by the Muvian alchemist clan in order to create Athena's cloths. With it, one can reforge cloths, but may not create them.

Origins Edit

The technique is an inferior form of the alchemical technique used to create Athena's cloths. The original method is considered lost by the alchemist clan, and even Aries Shion did not know the details. However, it appears that new cloths have been produced, even after Mu's destruction, hinting that the forging is not impossible.[1]

Appearances Edit

References Edit

  1. Monthly Tokumori: Saint Seiya Shōshū-hen, Sanctuary Reunion! - Volume 2.

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