Claw Methone (クローのメトネ, Kurō no metone) is one of Pallasite Third Class at the service of the goddess Pallas , is the twin brother of Ymir , with his sister have a mission to eliminate the Saints to protect Athena both attack Yuna in Jamir.


Assault JamirEdit

Metone with his sister Ymir in a field of flowers in Jamir , when Yuna  and Raki were there. Both are presented as Pallasite the service of the goddess Pallas sent to exterminate the Saints of Athena , and intend to do so attacking Yuna who at that time was not able to use his cloth in case of his heart.
Before the intervention of Raki , leaving Chrono Delay Time Metone. And when her sister is about to kill Yuna , Pegasus Kōga intervenes, attacking her with his Pegasus Ryusei Ken . Methoni is upset about this and he intends to finish Yuna. Unfortunately Kōga not allow it, and it is not until the reinstatement of Ymir that both are quick to fight back together, but now Yuna clears the doubts of his heart to ignite the desire to protect Raki and blocks combined attack, wearing his cloth and ready to face them. Sōma also comes at that time and they fight with the twins, leading to defeat them at the moment. That done, Ymir and Methoni is teletránportan away.

Battle Of Pallas BeldaEdit


Ymir and Methone on fusion

Then the Saints invade Pallas Belda, Methoni, furious at his previous defeat and eager for revenge, receives the visit of Chakrams  Europe. This gave him the black hourglass "Anti-Limit", which will allow him to get the power he seeks. With that, Ymir just inform her sister that she has tracked down Sōma and Yuna.

The twins immediately go to meet their enemies. Methoni then quickly use the hourglass, he uses his sister by surprise. It sees with terror power being absorbed by his twin and died after the operation. With his new power, Methoni causes problems for Sōma and Yuna. However, they join forces and eventually overcome it.

Once defeated Pallasite, it sees her sister lay on him to make him pay for his act. However, it is unclear whether this is a hallucination or defeat caused the "liberation" of Ymir. Still, that Methoni dies.



  • Methone, in Greek mythology, was one of the daughters of Alcyoneus, one of the last of the Giants. After he was killed for attacking the hero Heracles (Hercules), his daughters drowned themselves, but were revived as kingfisher birds by the goddess Amphitrite, Poseidon's wife.
  • Methone is also one of Saturn's lesser moons. 


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