Chrysaor Scale

The Chrysaor Scale (クリュサオルスケイル, Kuryusaoru Sukeiru) is the Scale of the Marine General Krishna, Guardian of the Indian Ocean Pillar, in Saint Seiya. It is the Scale of a Marine General, the Gold Saint equivalent.

Chrysaor - Son of PoseidonEdit

According to Myth, Chrysaor was the son of Poseidon and Medusa, born when Medusa's head was severed from her body by Perseus. He became the King of Iberia and had a son with Callirrhoe, a daughter of Oceanus: Geryon.

Special Abilities of the Chrysaor ScaleEdit

The Chrysaor Scale has a powerful weapon in the form of the Golden Lance, said to be wielded by the son of Poseidon the Scale is named for. It was so powerful that the Dragon Shield, strengthened by golden blood, was pierced like it wasn't even there. Only after becoming like a Gold Cloth could the Dragon Shield stop the Golden Lance. It was nigh-indestructible, only being able to be broken by Shiryu using Excalibur at his full power.

Techniques used by Chrysaor MarinersEdit

Krishna uses three major techniques during his fight with Shiryu.

  • Flashing Lancer (フラッシングランサー, Furasshingu Ransā): is an offensive technique used by Krishna when battling Shiryu. Krishna is able to channel his cosmo into his Golden Lance, and stab at the foe several times in a rapid pace, appearing to have struck all at once.
  • Maha Roshni (マハローシニー, Maha Rōshinī): is an offensive technique used by Krishna when battling Shiryu. Krishna sits in a meditative pose, and levitates into the air. With this attack, he uses his Chakras to release a powerful, blinding light that is also highly damaging.
  • Unnamed Barrier Technique: Krishna uses a special defensive technique, unnamed, to stop Shiryu's advance after his Scale was damaged. Krishna assumes a meditative state and releases energy from his Chakras to erect a powerful barrier, from which he can attack while behind it. The only way to stop the barrier to attack all seven of his Chakra Points at once.

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