Ashtaroth's glory alludes to the angelic order of Cherubim (singular: Cherub). In Judeo-Christian religions, the Cherubim are the second highest order of angels in Heaven, and have charge of light, warmth, knowledge and the heavenly bodies; they are usually depicted with four wings. In Milton's Paradise Lost, it is mentioned that Lucifer, to get past the archangel Uriel, takes on the form of a beautiful cherub. The shoulders of the cloth appear to represent the Amphisbaenia. Amphisbaenia is a mythological serpent that eats ants and has two heads. According to Greek mythology, the amphisbaenia was born from the blood that dripped from the head of the Gorgon Medusa when Perseus flew over the Libyan Desert with it in his hands. Alledgedly, the Roman Cato's army found it, along with other snakes in their march across the desert. The amphisbaenia was said to have fed off the corpses the army left behind.

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