Cherub Ashtaroth (智天使(ケルビム)のアシタロテ, Kerubimu no Ashitarote) is one of the Fallen Angel in the film Warriors of the Final Holy Battle


At the beginning of the film, four shadows removed one by one all the Gold Saints who survived the battle of Sanctuary. Remove them after all, the four shadows come before the statue of Athena, and show his true form, Astaroth is one of them. All await the arrival of Lucifer, which cuts the head off the statue and brings up his temple, the Pandemonium. Lucifer and his warriors are removed from the scene. Later again make an appearance when Saori and some Bronze Saints are the statue. Lucifer asks Athena to sacrifice for the world not to give Poseidon, Abel and Eris. The Bronze Saints attack Lucifer, but Astaroth Angeles and the rest of the defeat easily. Lucifer and his warriors retreat to his temple. When the players try to help Athena, Astaroth and Beelzebub will close the road. Dragon Shiryu is left fighting two opponents so that colleagues can continue. Among Astaroth and Beelzebub Shiryu hit them while it shuts off. Astaroth Shiryu attacks, but this is dodging palm off his attack and several strokes. This infuriates Astaroth, Beelzebub asking who is not involved in combat. Astaroth uses his supreme technique, the Fanged Cobra Killer, and get destroy the Shield Dragon Shiryu wounding, but he did not give up and fights with Rozan Shōryūha beating Astaroth.



Astaroth uses "Killer Fanged Kobra".

  • Killer Fanged Kobra (キラーファングドコブラ, Kirā Fangudo Kobura): Ashtarote performs a series of quick blows that hurt the opponent, a lot of punch projecting sharp bite of a snake. With this move, Ashtaroth pierced the shield and the body of Shiryu.


Between Fiction and Mythology Edit

  • Ashtaroth shares his name with a demon found in the Lesser Key of Solomon. Astaroth is mentioned as a crown prince of Hell as well as a demon of laziness, vanity, and accusations.
  • Ashtaroth is also the name of a Caananite goddess of fertility, love and war, as well as equivalent to the Sumerian goddess Inanna and the Babylonian goddess Ishtar.

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