Chaos! God Cloth VS God Cloth is the seventh episode of Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold.

Synopsis Edit

With the 7 chambers as the stage, the all-out battle between Gold Saints and God Warriors has finally started. Taurus Aldebaran goes up against the God Warrior Hercules, whom he has fought before. Hercules has become extremely violent from the power of the Odin Sapphire given to him by Andreas. Hercules unleashes a vicious attack, but Aldebaran, after discovering “true strength,” responds with an even greater power. Meanwhile, in the Ice Chamber, a battle of Gold Saints between Shura and Camus has begun. Both men hold their ground, until an extreme battle unfolds from the transformation into God Cloth. Then, after the battle against Milo and Shura, Camus realizes his true feelings for God Warrior Surtr, who was his friend.

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

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