Chakram Europe (チャクラムのエウロパ, Chakuramu no Europa) is appears first as a Pallasite Second Class. He seems to be very aloof, rather watching others fight than participate himself. Later it is revealed that Europa is in fact a Pallasite First Class who was conspiring in the shadows for the advent of Saturn, he and the Four Heavenly Kings true master.


Pallas ChamberEdit

Europe accounts for the first time in  Pallas chamber , offering a doll version of the Athena. He informed Titan that he has a plan to eliminate Pegasus Koga.He then appeared before Eden playing the piano at the tomb 's Aria stops and the start of a conflict between Eden and Thebe . He asks Eden to eliminate Pegasus Kōga.


When Koga, accompanied by Subaru, arrives on the scene, Europe sends to Eden after their shots blocked easily. Europe informed his friend Eden became a pallasite and ordered to kill him, in exchange for which he lost to him will be made.Later he gets hurt and finds Thebe smiling Eden was indeed a spy.

Battle Of Palas VeldaEdit

During the invasion of Pallas Belda, Europe appears Pallas (Omega), compliments her on her new look and offers him a flower, drawing a rebuke from Titan. He then made his report on the battle, a theatrical way.

Later, while he is busy massacring Steel Saints, the pallasite meeting Eden, who wanders Pallas Belda. Europe discovers doubts present in the young man's heart attack but who is master. Before Eden can take the Cloth, the fight is interrupted by  Sagittarius Seiya, that Europe considers this a great honor. After a quick exchange of blows with the Gold Saint, the pallasite withdraws, waiting for another mission.

Europe meets Koga, Sōma, Ryuho and Subaru and promises to remove them. Subaru climbing the wall at the top of which is the enemy but he easily defeats the Steel Saint. Sōma and Ryuho also do not last long in the face Chakrams "Slash Reaper" Europe. Kōga attack and turn. Europe trompe easily and explains that he has defeated Aegir on a fluke. Pegasus Kōga falls in turn. Europe is about to complete but is interrupted by Eden.

This launches Tonitrui Will Caelos and Orion's Devastation but inflicts little damage to Pallasite. Europe goes back to the Saints defeated with his Terrible Slash but Eden intervenes. He says he does not need divine power to beat him. Faced with his words, the Cosmo Subaru flares and Steel St falls on the enemy. Eden launches the Orion's Extermination, wounding Pallasite for the first time. It prefers to withdraw.

Still later, Europe discovers Claw "Max Brillant" Methone, still angry at the humiliation he received from Aquila Yuna and Lionet Sōma. It gave him the black hourglass "Anti-Limit" so he could increase his power.After the death of Claw "Max Brillant" Methone after his second fight against the Saints, Europe laments that the young Pallasite had lost when he had even sacrificed his sister, it's a real tragedy ... Stopping the comedy, he is preparing the next "show" laughing out loud and hoping it will be as entertaining.

It then stops the fight between Mira and the Bronze Saints, explaining that the survival of these is the moment their interest.

Pallas Castle GateEdit

Inside the Pallas Castle , Europe expects the Saints to four routes it has prepared them. Upon arrival , he compliments while laughing a little. It presents their Álfheimr , Niflheimr , Dvergr and Vanaheimr and told newcomers to choose their path , knowing that only leads to Pallas . Sōma tries to make her talk and launches an attack but the lens Europe and offers them to retreat because they are too weak. Pallasite critical choices Athena Pallas such as sending Seiya murder . Kōga rushes at him but puts Europe on the ground, and Yuna , Ryuho , Sōma and Subaru with its Terrible Slash . Harbinger intends to confront , attracting new Athena teasing that she had given him when he 's Cloth has no loyalty. Seiya tries to turn the strike - in vain.Europa continues his speech blaming Athena , even trying to kill her. Promising to observe their progress, he prepares to leave when Subaru manages to hit in the face . Europe congratulate him, telling him that they will meet again .

Battle Of Pallas CastleEdit

At the end of the battle between the Phoenix Ikki and EGEON , Europe gets what remains of the Holy Sword Jūbaruraizanba , commenting on the sacrifice of the two adversaries .

Europe is reprimanded by Titan in the throne room when fighting Rhea and complains that nobody likes . After the defeat of its congener , it welcomes the fact that the four groups of Saints borrow paths that lead nowhere and will continue to run for eternity by his fault.

He then observed the intervention of Gallia against the Gold Saints and Athena, holding the unfortunate initiative as contrary to the plan of his divinity. He does not believe Integra and Paradox have been able to destroy its corridors with Another Dimension. Shun and Hyoga able to join in order to eliminate it. The Pallasite tries to escape, but was prevented by the Thunder Wave. Nevertheless manages to escape while avoiding the Legendary and their suspicious matters Saints, let the burden of Mira

Battle Of Pallas ChamberEdit

Europe meets Pallas to be sure of his motivations and it says it will fight and kill Athena.Europe, satisfied, then observed the fight between the two goddesses, as well as the reactions of Titan and Seiya. While the two sides reconciled, Europe appears and uses the curse laid on the goddesses to drain their Cosmo and pours it on Subaru, who is revealed to be the Pallasites' true master: Saturn.

Europe also reveals his true chronotector cloth that is much superiour than Titan's and Seiya's cloth and cosmo that is able to deflect their punches from his body.Subaru awakens as Saturn, the God of Time, the one who bestowed the Pallasites their Chrono Tectors and Great Swords. Donning his own Chrono Tector, saturn,accompained by Europa and Mira, reveals that he had descended to Earth. Saturn then declares that humanity no longer deserves to remain on the Earth and uses his powers to freeze all of its inhabitants before retreating to his heavenly palace with Europe and Mira.

Dispose Of Pallas and AthenaEdit

Europe and Mira return to dispose of the goddesses, but Shun and Hyōga appear to fight in their place.At the beginning of the fight, he proclaims the continuing disappearance of the time in the world, against the overwhelming power of Saturn, even though there are those who still oppose. Along with Mira, he threatens to take the life of Pallas and Athena since combalidas and exhausted, hear, however, the fierce resistance of the legendary Saints.

Shun throws his chain towards Europe, which continues to deviate. Cheeky as always, Europe says that if you kill the two deities, he will become a companion of killers gods. A short time sufficed to take advantage of a distraction from Shun, hitting them with his Destructive Slash, mocking the apparent weakness of the legendary Saints.

When launching their deadly chakrams, Europe takes a step, looks down and sees the air currents created around His legs - it is indeed the current Nebula created Shun cosmo. A move of the opponent would be fatal to smash it, but Shun also want to prevent the conduct of combat. Mira was going to continue the fight, but held by Hyoga Absolute Zero, succumbs before the coup Diamond Dust. Europe tries a new attack, but his Chronotector was destroyed by the power of the nebula stream.

Still, Europe is aware of the telling blow Shun, gathers strength to get up and try to strike a mortal blow at the two goddesses. Titan comes into action, which, enraged by the betrayal of former subordinate, and full of zeal for their goddess, can raise one last time Titan cosmo, creating a powerful and deadly Gigantic Planet End. Europe, before the imminent defeat, still trying to bargain a solution with Titan, proposing to intercede with Saturn for the dominance of half the world to Pallas. The effort is futile as it is hit by the stroke of Titan, which makes it go away completely.

Manga (Omega)Edit

Europe comes into play when Pegasus Koga leads an assault against Titan. The Pallasite second intervenes and easily pushes Pegasus Koga. Ryuho  intervenes in turn engages and the fight to protect his friend. Europe manages to destroy his Cloth but can not prevent the onset of the New Dragon Cloth. Ryuho then launches Rozan Shō Ryū Ha, a technique that is able to contain the Pallasite. It must nevertheless leave the battlefield when Pallas asked Titan to join.


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  • Considering the color dichotomy of his hair and eyes, it is presumed, although not proven, that Europa was originally two people who were fused together, similar to the combination of Claw Methone and Claw Ymir, who were fused into one being using the Anti-Limit black hourglass given to Methone by Europa himself.
  • While secretly an agent of Saturn, Europa was the longest-surviving Pallasite in the series, having many times escaped from battle rather than pursue it to the end.
  • Europe (or Europa) was the name of a Phoencian princess who had a dream that she would give her name to a newly discovered continent. Europa soon afterwards caught the attention of Zeus, who disguised himself as a beautiful bull and approached the girl while she was playing with her friends. The girls were delighted and played with the bull, but when Europa climbed onto the bull's back, Zeus charged across the ocean with her to the island of Crete and, changing back into his regular form, seduced her. She became the first queen of Crete and later gave her name to the continent of Europe.
  • Europe/Europa is the name of one of Jupiter's largest moons. It is also the name of a large asteroid.
  • Europe is unique in that, unlike most of the other Pallasites, he shares his name with one of Jupiter's moons rather than one of Saturn's moon in astronomy. The only other Pallasite named after a moon of Jupiter is Deadly Scythe Cyllene.
  • The mythological Europa gave Zeus 3 sons: Minos, Rhadamathys and Sarpedon. The two elder sons, upon death, became judges of the Underworld. Additionally, the names of the former two sons were used in Saint Seiya for two of Hades' Specters: Wyvern Rhadamanthys and Griffin Minos.


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