Cetus Chris
Cetus Chris
Japanese ケートスのクリス
Romanization Kētosu no Kurisu
Alias(es) Cetus Specter
General Information
Classification Celestial Specter of Hades
Deity Hades
Black Cloth
God Cloth
Surplice Cetus Surplice
God Robe
Ars Magna
Sacred Sword
Evil Star
Abilities shown
Named techniques
Items used
Biographical Information
Age 14 years
Race Human
Gender Female
Place of birth Faroe Islands, Denmark[1]
United Kingdom?[2]
Place of training
Place of death
Blood type
Zodiac sign
Family Wyvern Rhadamanthys (Cousin)
Appearances Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas
Japanese voice
English voice
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Cetus Chris (天損星 ケートスのクリス Tensonsei Kētosu no Kurisu?) is the heir to the family fortune, because this sister plots against his life by a Spectre, so the young heir is obliged to seek help from the sanctuary. Subsequent inheritance hidden from Walden Family celestial star Pain wakes and becomes the girl in one of the 108 spectra Army of Hades, god of Hell.

In The Past Edit

Chris is the daughter of a noble family. She is quiet unlike her older brothers. According to Leibold, Chris and Ursula used to be very close. After the death of her uncle and the disappearance of her older brother, Chris was chosen by her father as heir to the family. One day she is poisoned by her own father, and with the help of an attendent, cuts and burns Chris' back with the intention of stealing the Cetus Surplice that is hidden inside her body.

Conflict of sisters Edit

Meeting with Aspros Edit

Chris and two of her servants are directed to the ship sent by the Sanctuary, there are received by Aspros who gives you a cup of tea that would allow him warm, given that Chris can not talk she let one of her servants of the corresponding explanations, the Gold Saint quickly realizes the seriousness of the situation, after that informs young not to worry since it will protect even at the cost of his own life, after this the servants and Aspros keep small talk Walden on the Family, a noble family and great wealth which Chris is the current heir but the latter's older sister and the girl want to kill it with the help of a Spectre, this servant asks Gold Saint to end the life of Ursula and Spectre, to hear this Aspros asks the girl what you want because since he started the encounter been talking to his servant so ask if what they want is the death of his sister and would like to hear from his own mouth to silence, Aspros expressed his decision not to fight in that case to hear this one servant tries to tell the truth to the Gold Saint, however at that time a trainee disrupts the room to notify their superior of the appearance of the enemy. She later accompanied by his servant and several apprentices Saints watch as the sky opens as a cross absorbing the enemy ship. After that Aspros appears on earth with Chris unconscious in his hands who awakens and tries to scream but no sound making Aspros realize that this girl is mute.

The Hidden Truth, Awakening of Cetus Edit

Chris and Aspros are one of the servants of the girl in a former residence of the Walden family, this young man says his decision to protect up dead instead of his father, Chris and Aspros are escorted to a large room where one Young will deliver a cup of tea each so that both can warm up after make small talk, Aspros said already bored and ordered the young man to reveal his true identity, the young quickly revealed to be called Spectre Leibold the Upyr, terrestrial star of the cause, this is about to kill them both on behalf of his master, Earhart, Chris runs to Aspros and hide behind it,while the Spectre attacks both with this Murderous mocks Brood Gold Saint and his Gold Cloth sank at sea, attacks the young Leibold to Aspros revealing the hidden treasure of the Walden Family is neither gold nor silver but a curse known as immortality in exchange for the deaths loved ones one, Chris laments his back as burns and questions why must suffer, then appears Aspros who is now wearing his Gold Cloth, this proceeds quickly Spectre assassinate quickly while Chris advises fight for what you want, she cries while feeling scared because you do not want or inheritance or immortality but these things can not discard, however not want to fight his older sister and asks that must do to be as strong as him, Aspros says that humans are pathetic without strong desires but also tells a boy of fourteen can be confused in the situation in which she finds herself, after this the Gold Saint apologizes, then Earhart with Ursula on his boat appear to Aspros and Chris, the Spectre begins to open his eye while connecting the space causing a wound again on the back of Chris provoking the awakening of Surplice from Cetus which is coated by Chris , revealing that she is a Spectre.

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