The Cerberus Cloth is one of the Silver Cloths, the cloth of the Saint Dante in Saint Seiya and an unknown Saint in Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas


The Cerberus constellation was a former constellation of the three headed hellhound of the god Hades. A child of the monster Echidna, Cerberus guarded the entryway of the Underworld, allowing the dead in but forbidding them to leave, as well as stopping the living from getting inside. However, living people, usually heroes, could get around the enormous canine by giving it small cakes as treats, and slipping past while Cerberus was occupied by the food. The musician Orpheus managed to tame the dog with his songs.

As his Twelfth and final Labor, the hero Heracles was commanded to bring Cerberus back from the Underworld alive. Heracles goes first to Hades personally and asks the god's permission. Hades allows it on two conditions: Heracles is not allowed to use any weaponry on Cerberus and must return the dog as soon as he was done with the Labor. Heracles manages to subdue Cerberus by wrestling him, and then dragging the dog into the living world. Keeping his word, Heracles returns Cerberus directly afterwards. 

The constellation was once depicted as being grasped by Heracles, but the constellation was eventually dismantled and became a part of the Heracles constellation.

Bird BrainedEdit

Dante trained to be a Saint in Sicily, Italy by an unknown master. The cloth was likely kept in Sanctuary until a Saint worthy of wearing it was found. He follows the orders of the Pope, and is among the second group of Silver Saints to attack Seiya and his fellow Bronze Saints. He attempted to defeat Ikki, but his cloth was damaged. During his second attempt, Shun took Ikki's place, stopping his Bronze Chains with the Andromeda Chains, and killed him.

Previous WarEdit

The Cerberus Saint briefly appeared as a fallen Saint in The Lost Canvas. He was killed early on with two other Silvers, and they are brought back by Hades. They all fell by the hands of the Gold Saints.

Special Abilities of Silver Cloth of CerberusEdit

The Cerberus Silver Cloth has the Bronze Chains that held Cerberus, the Hound of Hell. The chains have spiked balls at the ends.

Techniques used by Cerberus SaintsEdit

Dante uses no named techniques during his various fights.


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