Centaurus Yugo (ケンタウルス星座のユゴ Kentaurusu no Yugo?) one of the survivors during a holy war in an unknown century where Hades and his army were victorious, then back in time to the eighteenth century holy war.

Kairos, the god of time Edit

Years after the holy war in the sixteenth century with the arrival of a man named Kairos reach distant lands is said is inhabited by descendants of Mu in search of the Cloth of Aries, Yugo arises in defense of Aries Avenir and said Cloth, Kairos jokes around with yoke and said that people dance as he sees it appropriate and if so desired was fighting yoke, he faces squarely the Centaurus Saint, then Yugo use Rewind Kairos Bio and rejuvenates the body yoke, commenting that if he wished it had become an embryo, which would have made it more beautiful, but decided it needed a good viewer to contemplate the "fireworks" after this Kairos is about to destroy the Cloth Aries but realizes that is protected, in view of this Kairos decide to place a seal around said cloth and also keep the entire region stopped in time

The Successor of Avenir Edit

Yugo suddenly appears to Shion and Manigoldo, appearing excited to return to witness the Seki Shiki Meika Ha and mentioned that Manigoldo style was very different from Sage, Yugo then apologizes for the behavior of his comrades as cumulative emotional stress for years he had been hard on all of them.

After hearing these words Manigoldo is glad to find someone who was willing to talk, Yugo mentioned that he knew who they were and who fulfill the last wish of Avenir serving as a guide to the Cloth of Shion Aries, after that expresses yoke Shion's hope that not only know them but also Avenir. Finally yoke Manigoldo and Shion arrive at the "heart" of the temporal distortion, Yugo says that it all started a few years after the last holy war came a man named Kairos and mention be sent Sanctuary.

After this yoke tells what happened to Manigoldo and Shion, Cancer Manigoldo realizes what yoke expected, and as the story says Yugo, that seal has to do with Chronos and Kairos, two great gods of time, what yoke replied that he knew that what he wanted was crazy but that Avenir has called Shion from that place dominated by despair and the fact that Shion has come was a miracle for them.

Hearing those words Shion decide to go for the Cloth of Aries because he believes in the words of the yoke, the latter asked him to be careful because if Shion desconcentraba only slightly, would be absorbed at the temporary space, suddenly before them arises an astral image of Kairos, which presents god as a residual thought he had left in that place but did not consider the idea that Shion (who Kairos refer to as the actor does not want) to reach so close to the Cloth of Aries.

After that both Yugo and Manigoldo realize they had been tricked, Yugo says that the souls of Avenir and Shion disappeared inside the Pandora Box After this yoke simply notes the Manigoldo showdown against the alter ego of Kairos.

Later when Shion wearing the Cloth of Aries is coming from inside the Pandora Box, Yugo excited to see this as the alter ego of weather god decides autodestruice but is stopped by Shion who protect yoke Manigoldo and himself by using Crystal Wall, however although the explosion did not hurt the Saints if destroy the seal that was in that area is destroyed at that time who was arrested begins to return to the Holy of Centauri causing it to fall on the floor to see that the Gold Saints quickly goes to his comrade, yoke facing this with a smile as he finally free from his prison and thanks Shion for helping him with his last strength the Silver Saint extends his left arm to Shion , who tells him not to mourn because you would find in that situation many times after that Yugo is demonstrated happy because Shion to got retrieve the Cloth of Aries but nevertheless Kairos A damaged what the Aries Shion him responds that he can repair it after hearing this yoke dies while Shion holding his body quickly it turns to dust.

Holy War against Hades into the unknown century Edit

Yugo was the Centaurus Saint for a holy war against Hades, in which the god of the underworld giant sand clock emerges as victor and beheads Athena and Kyoko, while yoke, Avenir and five soldiers survive the battle, then wraps survivors and back in time to the eighteenth century

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