The Centaurus Cloth is the cloth of the Saint Babel in Saint Seiya and an unknown Saint in Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas. It is of the second class of the cloths that Athena's Saints wield, the Silver Cloths.


This Silver Cloth represents the constellation Centaurus, a half man-half horse, wild being, more often representing the centaur Pholus from Greek mythology. The mythical Kentauros, from which the constellation takes his name, was the progenitor of the centaur species, but wasn't himself a centaur. He had been the son of Ixion, the first murderer, and Nephele, a goddess of the clouds, created by Zeus in the very image of his wife Hera. When Zeus forgave Ixion for murdering his father-in-law and brought him to Olympus, Ixion saw Hera and lusted after her. Sensing Ixion's intent, Zeus crafted Nephele and set her before Ixion to test his guest. Ixion couldn't control himself and slept with her; their only child of this union was Kentauros. Considered a repellent looking man, Kentauros wandered the mountains and ultimately began mating with female horses. The result was the Centaur race. 

On his Fourth Labor, the hero Heracles was welcomed by Pholus, who graciously prepared a meal. However, Heracles complained he didn't get wine, which Pholus explained he could not give the hero as the wine was shared among all the Centaurs. Heracles, unheeding, opened the wine anyway, alerting the other Centaurs, who came to Pholus's dwelling and began rioting. Heracles began killing them with his poisoned arrows; unfortunately, he causes the death of the wise centaur Chiron by mistake. Pholus is amazed at the venom of the arrows, but accidentally pricks himself with one and dies.

A Short Lived FlameEdit

Babel trained to be a Saint on Centaur Island by an unknown master. The cloth was likely kept in Sanctuary until a Saint worthy of wearing it was found. He follows the orders of the Pope, and is among the first group of Silver Saints to attack Seiya and his fellow Bronze Saints. He went to check on the fallen Lizard Misty, and ended up meeting his end during a fight to the death with Cygnus Hyoga.

Previous WarEdit

The Centaur Saint joined on the assault of Hades' Castle in The Lost Canvas, after first appearing at the side of Sagittarius Sisyphus. He likely died during the assault.

Special Abilities of Silver Cloth of CentaurEdit

The Centaur Silver Cloth, while having all of the strength and endurance of a Silver Cloth, has no special traits that make it stand out as a cloth. Techniques used by Centaurus Saints Babel uses one major technique during his various fights.

  • Fotia Roufihtra (Greek for "Vortex of Flame"): An offensive technique. The user thrusts his hand forward with his palm open, and flames shoot out. It can either shoot out as small fireballs, or a large blast of fire.


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