Some of the Celestial Star Specters.

There are 36 Celestial Star Specters and most of them have been shown in the manga, anime series or Lost Canvas so far, with the exception of a few. They are the high-ranked Specters and the 3 Judges of Hell themselves are among the lines of these Specters. Their battle capacity is variable but most of them have a strength rivaling that of the Gold Saints and are assigned to the defense of some important locations like the Prisons of Hell or the Demon Temples inside Lost Canvas, in the same way the Gold Saint guard the 12 Zodiac Temples. The 3 Judges of Hell, among all of the Celestial Star Specters, are ranked at the top of the hierarchy with the leading role above the whole army and the protection of the 3 Temples that are located right before Hades' "Giudecca": the "Caina" guarded by Rhadamanthys, the "Antenora" by Aiacos and the "Tolomea" by Minos. In terms of combat power, the 3 Judges of Hell are absolutely overwhelming, with a Cosmo that equal or even surpasses most of the Gold Saints, and the same can be said for the Guardians of the Demon Temples, introduced in The Lost Canvas. Some of the other Celestial Star Specters solves also the function of right-hand men for one of the 3 Judges and have an incredible fighting ability second only to theirs; an example could be Basilisk Sylphid. Their high and noble rank allow them to stand directly at the presence of Hades himself, a privilege not granted to the lowest ranks. They are under the orders of Pandora like the rest of the army, but they have more decision discretion than
3 judges

The 3 Judges of Hell, Aiacos, Minos and Rhadamanthys, the mightest among the Celestial Star Specters.

the lower ranks and are sent to important missions that can be crucial to win the Holy War or when the enemies are really powerful like the Gold Saints. They often bring along lower Specters or soldiers under their command during missions.

List of Celestial Star Specters Edit


Guardians of the eight Hell Prisons (Saint Seiya 1986):

  1. Balron Lune
  2. Sphinx Pharaoh
  3. Golem Rock
  4. Lycaon Phlegyas
  5. Deadly Beetle Stand
  6. (unknown)
  7. (unknown)
  8. Harpy Valentine (uncertain)

Guardians of the eight planets (Lost Canvas):

  1. Mercury: Mephistopheles Yōma
  2. Venus: Balron Lune (see above, Hell Prisons)
  3. Earth: Bennu Kagaho
  4. Mars: Ghost-Gemini Aspros
  5. Jupiter: Harpy Valentine (see above, Hell Prisons)
  6. Saturn: Wyvern Rhadamanthys (see above, Generals)
  7. Uranus: Owl Partita
  8. Neptune: (unknown, possibly Hanuman Tokusa)


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