Cassiopeia Erda (カシオペア座のエルダ Kashiopea-za no Eruda) A short-haired Saintia wearing the Cassiopeia Bronze Cloth who wishes to one day become a Gold Saint.


A new enemy

Erda back on her bike to Saint Academy, but upon arrival, meets Saint Academy completely destroyed in the remains under a column gets to see her friend Mito, who is still alive, with his last breath that they had been attacked by surprise and then asks you to flee after these words Myth dies in the arms of Erda. After what happened, comes before her, Deathmask who destroyed the Saint Academy, seeing that it was a Gold Saint, Erda can not believe I was responsible for this slaughter, but Deathmask tells her to be traitors to the Sanctuary, he does not have to justify their actions. Hearing this, Erda determined to avenge the young people who had died were then placed her Cloth and then used her Greatest Eruption against the Gold Saint, but only gets burned three hairs of Deathmask who admits she was a good technique to be a Bronze Saint but is no match for a Gold Saint, and then attacks her with a finger destroying part of his Cloth

However Erda does not surrender, and stings her cosmos to the maximum, impressing Deathmask, who decides to use his technique Sekishiki Meikai has to be sent to himself and to the Yomotsu Erda. Yomotsu in a spirit that takes the appearance of Erda Myth promising approaches that will deliver the necessary power to defeat his opponent. Erda know is not true myth, but can not stop it because the power of discord begins to corrupt it, obscuring its Cloth, but at that moment appears Deathmask and eliminate that spirit. Deathmask explains that these spirits are subordinate to the goddess Eris who have survived and are therefore his real prey, losing their bodies after the defeat of Eris, trying to hold all the bodies of the girls who were in Saint Academy. Deathmask Seki Shiki uses his Meika has to destroy all the spirits that were in the Yomotsu, and Erda warns not to try to continue to fight him or do the same with her. Erda then realizes that Deathmask sacrificed to the academy to avoid falling into the clutches of the army of Eris, but does not understand he did it without feeling remorse. Deathmask laughs Young for being so innocent, and says that as a reward for burning three of her hair, he will dispose of the bodies by it, then when Erda returns to his body, only to find the remains of the Saint Academy on fire